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Adhesive tape

Quality on 66 metres - directly from the manufacturer

Adhesive tape

Few other packaging materials are as versatile as adhesive tape. There are different lengths, widths and strengths for all different types of professional purposes. All-purpose and special adhesive tapes cover a broad range of possible applications. The useful packing aids adhere quickly and reliably. Due to different types of glue, there are tapes that adhere to almost all common surfaces. Therefore, adhesive tapes are not only a popular means of sealing packages - but a piece of the right tape is often suitable for quick repairs or simple fixations. There is also a great variety considering its appearance: Transparent tapes are almost unnoticeable, brown tape usually gets used on cardboard. If you want to attract attention though, we recommend tapes in bright colours or individual adhesive tape with a unique and therefore distinctive print.

Pack with adhesive tapes: Here are the advantages

Inexpensive and reliable: plain adhesive tapes offer you great value for money and a dependable adhesion performance. They are ideal to seal parcels, packets and cardboard boxes. If needed, you can apply special adhesive tapes, for example if a higher tensile strength is required. Adhesive tapes are among the packaging materials that can easily be customised on demand and therefore offer even more benefits for its user: It is an ideal advertising medium with your company logo or name printed upon it. Tapes with individual notes or texts can be used in a variety of ways. Printed packing tapes are an attractive alternative to plain ones if you work in an industry that appreciates creative packages. No matter what option you choose: Every adhesive tape seals packaged goods reliably if applied correctly. It rejects moisture, protects from dirt and stabilises.

Special adhesive tapes with particular features

We offer you the all-round talent adhesive tape in special executions for particular purposes. We offer sealing, address protection as well as warning tapes for higher safety during the dispatch of goods. These help in various ways to deliver the goods safely to the customers. Fabric tape, for example, is a good choice if you need very secure hold. Pallet-safety tape increases the transport safety of pallet loads. Our masking tape, alongside our useful protective tape, is essential for renovations and painting jobs of all sorts. Double-sided tape is ideal for adhering invisibly. Water-activated tape and filament tape differ in their features from conventional adhesive tapes: wet adhesive tape is made from eco-friendly material, the applied glue needs to be moistened at first and then combines with the cardboard surfaces perfectly. Filament tape is reinforced with glass fibres and possesses an unusually high tensile strength. Use our subpages for more detailed information on the variety of adhesive tapes from our range of products at Supra-Ratiopac!

Custom-printed adhesive tape from Supra-Ratiopac

It is counted among our most popular products: custom-made adhesive tape which gets printed according to your specifications. The packing tapes with print are produced on our own printing plants. This way, we ensure that the final product looks exactly how you have ordered it. The price is only a fraction higher than for plain tape. We use the reliable packing tapes from our product range as primary material. Polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or paper are available as backing material. You have the choice which type of tape is best suited for your shipments and packaging. You benefit from the wide scope of individual designs options: For example, you can print your company logo, your name, a specific warning notice or a decorative pattern. Contact us if you're interested in custom printed adhesive tape. We gladly provide you with advise on which options are available for printing on various adhesive tape qualities.

Modern and reliable packaging materials from Supra-Ratiopac

The requirements towards packaging materials have changed significantly over the years. Adhesive tapes are a good example for this: The composition of glue and backing material are subjected to constant changes. Environmentalism plays an important role in the production of modern packing tapes, questionable materials should be forwent in the production as much as possible. Finally, an economical use of natural resources and recyclable materials helps to protect the environment. At Supra-Ratiopac, we offer you a wide spectrum of adhesive tapes. You decide which features are important for you. You can find tear-resistant packing tapes as well as eco-friendly paper tape in our range. No matter which option you choose – all of our products are characterised by their great reliabillity and quality. Our many years of experience help us to optimise the manufacturing processes and to retain our established quality standard. See for yourself and get to know our expertise and high-quality products.

Plain adhesive tape: the all-round talent for private and professional purposes

To seal a tape ready for shipment, quickly repair something or fashion gifts for loyal customers – everyday (work) life is almost unthinkable without adhesive tapes. There are numerous versions for the most different applications. However, the basic structure of the different versions is always the same: it consists of a backing layer and an adhesive layer. Some tapes have a fibre reinforcement threaded through to increase durability and powerfulness. All materials are characterised by specific features and benefits. Therefore, you have the possibility to choose exactly the type of tape that suits your needs at Supra-Ratiopac. You can find PP-tape, PVC-tape and paper tape in various strenghts and adhesive types in our product range. Select which tape fits the intended purpose best and use our competent staff for a professional consultation if needed.

Professional tape dispensers for precise packaging

Naturally, completely different requirements apply to professional packing in a company compared to packing in the private domain. Especially when you need to pack huge quantities of shipments and therefore have to use strong adhesive tapes. Our tape dispensers make packaging easier for you and your staff members. With these useful tape dispensers, you can seal parcels and boxes precisely and in a time-saving manner. At the same time, the dispenser ensures the firm and secure fastening of the tape onto the surface. You can find various models in our product range that are suitable for different tape widths and packaging methods. Choose a standard model for easy packaging jobs or a premium version which is particularly lightweight and facilitates an effortless work style.

Adhesive tapes: information, consultation and service at Supra-Ratiopac

The information provided on the subpages are helpful if you're on the lookout for a suitable adhesive tape. There, we introduce you to our product range and features of the individual products in detail. You can also find further information on our FAQ page. Our competent staff members are there for you if you have additional questions or wish a general product consultation. Get in touch via mail or give us a call! We gladly help with the selection of adhesive tape and the matching supplies and are looking forward to your enquiry!