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Machine stretch film

Various machine stretch films have long been an integral part of the entire packaging industry and are of great importance not only in the field of logistics. Due to their great versatility, machinable stretch films have become indispensable in many areas. At Supra-Ratiopac, your packaging expert from Cologne, you can buy machine stretch films - in different variants, qualities and colours. On this page, we would like to give you a first overview of our extensive product range. On the respective subpages you will find further information on the individual versions.

The categories

Standard machine stretch film

The all-rounder from Supra-Ratiopac. Smooth and stretchable film with high transparency. The machine stretch film of our brand Stretchplus BASIC in cast quality is available in different thicknesses from 12 to 23 µ.

Pre-stretched machine film

Stretchplus SOFT pre-stretched films from our own production with thicknesses from 5 to 11 µ are available in various qualities. An opaque black version is also available. Find out more!

Power/High-performance machine stretch film

Particularly stretchable film in three different qualities (cast, blow and coex). Depending on the variant, this smooth and transparent machine stretch film can be expanded up to 360 %.

Machine stretch films in different variants

Our machine stretch films are available in three different versions: standard machine stretch film, pre-stretched machine film and power machine stretch film. The cost-effective standard option is particularly interesting for companies and other customers who have their own machines for stretching the film. Otherwise one chooses the pre-stretched film from our range. Our assortment of goods in this area is rounded off by our high-performance film, which can occupy up to 360 % of its original area through stretching and is therefore hardly to be surpassed in yield.


Machine stretch films in various thicknesses and qualities

Depending on the selected type of machine stretch film, you will find variants in different qualities, thicknesses and colours. Our standard films, which have not yet been pre-stretched, are naturally thicker and with a strength from 12 to 23 µ. All versions of the Stretchplus BASIC brand were produced in cast quality. Pre-stretched machine film, on the other hand, is available in two qualities: Blow and Cast. These films, which you can find here under the name Stretchplus SOFT, have a reduced thickness of 5 to 11 µ due to the pre-stretch. In addition, there is a black film variant in this area which not only provides reliable visual protection, but also helps you in differentiating between various storage positions or goods. You will also find coex quality (coextruded film) in our high-performance, power machine stretch films, which combine several properties of different film materials.

Use of machine stretch films

Machine stretch films are primarily used to secure loads. Their use enables goods to be placed and secured onto pallets in a targeted manner. In addition to stabilisation, efficient handling is a given when storing general cargo. Furthermore, film from the packaging expert Supra-Ratiopac offers reliable protection against external influences such as moisture, dust or other dirt. The degree of elongation that a machine stretch film exhibits results in so-called restoring forces, which can vary in strength. Particularly flexible films - such as the high-performance machine stretch film from Supra-Ratiopac - have a possible stretchability of more than 300 %. The necessary adhesive force is usually achieved by adding polymers or polyisobutylene.


Finding and buying the right machine stretch film

At this point we would like to explain to you how to use Supra-Ratiopac’s product specification to draw conclusions about the different properties of the machine stretch films - so that you can always find the film that suits your individual requirements.

All our stretch films are called Stretchplus. This name is supplemented by a corresponding product name. In the case of high-performance machine stretch films, these are for example STRONG, EXTREME, POWER and ULTRA. The following letter M indicates that in this case the films are machined - unlike hand stretch films, which are marked with an H in the product name. The following letter indicates the quality of the corresponding selection (B for blow, C for cast or X for coex).

The one- or two-digit number at the end of the brand name tells you how strong the film is (12 corresponds to a thickness of 12 µ).

Where are machine stretch films used?

The areas of application for machine stretch films are as versatile as the films themselves. As a rule, these include production and industry as well as all other sectors in which sensitive economic goods are transported or food and edibles are packed on pallets. With stretch films, the load can be reliably secured and hindered from falling off - which could lead to personal injury in the worst case. The goods are also protected from weather-related influences such as solar irradiation, wind, rain or snow. Even prolonged storage in the rain is possible.


Machine stretch films - exactly in the desired length

Customers of companies in the packaging industry often complain about short or incorrect deliveries. At Supra-Ratiopac, however, this cannot happen to you. We deliver your desired films exactly in the length you have ordered - and not one centimetre less. Our membership at ProStretch  assures this quality. The initiative for fairness in the field of all types of stretch films has defined certain quality standards and commits itself and its partners to comprehensive guarantees and traceable labelling of the films supplied. Furthermore, Supra-Ratiopac provides you with first-class goods "made in Germany". For example, we process the pre-stretched films in our range at our plant in Marienheide in the Bergisches Land region.


Buying machine stretch film - Your contact to Supra-Ratiopac

Our tear-resistant machine stretch film convinces with first-class processing and dimensions you can rely on. For this reason, you can calculate in advance how much machine stretch film you need for your individual purposes. In addition, the film excels due to a particularly low consumption because of its high elasticity - which is good for both the environment and your wallet. Whether on land, on water or in the air: declare war on slipping cardboard boxes on pallets by buying high-quality stretch machine film from your packaging expert Supra-Ratiopac. Select the right option for your specific needs from the selection listed above and receive further information on the respective subpage. We will gladly advise you comprehensively on our complete range of stretch films, adhesive tapes and other packaging materials. Our competent staff is there for you and will support you with their expertise. We look forward to hearing from you!