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Stretch film

Stretching with a plus - Stretchplus

Stretch films

As a manufacturer of pre-stretched hand and machine stretch films amongst other things, Supra-Ratiopac Verpackungen GmbH offers a comprehensive range of packaging solutions. Stretch films, which are available in different versions, make up an important part of this range. On this page, we will present you a brief overview of our different types of film. You will find further information on hand and machine stretch films, other films as well as the suitable stretch machines available from us on the respective subpage.

Stretch films: different versions for all cases

Hand stretch films are wrapped manually around products worth protecting or palletized, fixing them and protecting them from damage and dirt at the same time. Our films impress with their easy handling and high stability. On the other hand, we offer you versatile stretch films that can be wrapped by machines - not only for logistics. Discover our standard and high-performance machine stretch films as well as pre-stretched options. You have the choice between different qualities and colours. In our section "other films" we inform you about various special versions of films. These include bundle, cover, shrink and perforated films. In addition to the films themselves, we also supply you with various machines and devices which are used in connection with machine or hand stretch films. These include high-quality pallet wrappers and stretch wrapping machines.

Buy the right stretch film at Supra-Ratiopac

Our stretch films have a special feature that makes them particularly useful for packaging: they are highly stretchable and not as sharp-edged as conventional plastic films, reducing the risk of damage in the event of an impact. Stretched pallets or stacks of goods are thus reliably protected from slipping. Another factor is the restoring force of the film, which acts after stretching. It also ensures that your goods are securely packed. There are various manufacturing processes that produce films with different features. If you want to buy stretch film, a comparison is worthwhile: Which stretch film offers you the best price-performance ratio and which is best suited for your purposes? With Supra-Ratiopac you have an experienced partner at your side to help you choose the right packaging solution.

Stretch films from Supra-Ratiopac: an important contribution to transport safety

Logistics, transport, storage: these are the main areas of application for industrial stretch films. Especially the shipping of goods on pallets is hardly conceivable without the use of these films. Pallets must always be fixed so that they can survive a transport undamaged and must not get out of place in the event of vibrations or changes in direction. Wrapping with stretch film turns unsecured pallets into a highly stable package. This is easy to transport with a forklift truck and, thanks to our film, will not fall over when tilted slightly. A correct wrapping technique is required for the stretch film to fulfil its function. A stronger (i.e. thicker) film is not always automatically the better one. With our solutions, you are on the safe side and benefit from stable stretched goods if handled properly. If you process a large quantity of goods on a daily basis, it is also worth purchasing a stretch wrapping machine to optimise your packing operations.


Good reasons for using quality stretch film

Use the advantages of high-quality stretch film for the protection of your goods. Stretch film not only helps you to comply with transport safety regulations, it also protects your goods from external influences so that the ordered goods arrive safely at your customers. Stretch films enclose the goods to be transported and offer excellent all-round protection against shocks, dust or moisture. This property is not only important for transports, but also for longer storage periods. Choose dark stretch film to protect your goods from the sun. This non-transparent version also has the advantage that the contents of the consignment are not visible, providing additional theft protection.


Using stretch films correctly and optimising consumption

Not all stretch films have the same properties. We offer you a selection of films with different quality characteristics. This is the only way to find the ideal film for your needs. Are you looking for a film that you can process by hand or do you need the right film for your stretch machine? We can supply you with exactly the film that suits your preferred processing method. Our standard stretch film convinces with its good price-performance ratio. It is available as hand stretch film or machine stretch film. If you want to pack particularly precisely and also optimise your consumption of packaging materials, we recommend pre-stretched stretch film. Due to the pre-stretch, it is much thinner and you only use as much film as is actually required for stretching products. For particularly heavy and large packaged goods, choose our high-performance stretch film. It is characterised by a particularly high load-bearing capacity and tear resistance.


Supra-Ratiopac: Stretch films for storage and shipping

In our assortment you will find different types of stretch film as well as other film products for professional or private use. For packing long objects and goods, for example, there are special bundle films. We offer this variant in the standard version or pre-stretched. Cover foils protect the upper part of stretched pallets. Just like stretch film, our cover film is available in a transparent or dark version. Shrink films are preferably used for large and heavy goods with irregular shapes. This packaging film shrinks strongly and adapts itself optimally. Perforated films, on the other hand, are required for goods for which air-permeable packaging is important, such as plants or certain types of food.

Stretch films from Supra-Ratiopac: first-class quality from Cologne

As a specialist for packaging materials, we would like to offer you a comprehensive range of different film variants - from the inexpensive standard film to the powerful,high-performance stretch film. We attach great importance to the fact that all our products meet high requirements. In addition, we are continuously developing our product range further to take advantage of new technologies and materials. When you buy stretch film from Supra-Ratiopac, you always know that you are getting exactly the quantities you ordered and paid for. As a founding member of the ProStretch initiative, we are also committed to high quality standards and transparency when purchasing films.

Buying Stretch Film: professional consultation by Supra-Ratiopac

Select the appropriate film variant now, inform yourself in greater detail on the respective subpage and contact Supra-Ratiopac, your experienced packaging expert from Cologne, if you want to buy first-class stretch film. We will gladly answer your questions and help you find the exact solution that best meets your specific requirements. We would also like to recommend our FAQ page to you. You may already find the answer to your question here. Otherwise, we look forward to hearing from you!