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Frequently asked questions

Adhesive tape

With increasing age of the adhesive tape, the components of the adhesive as well as the carrier material change and thus influence the duribility and rolling behaviour. We therefore recommend a storage period of 6 months under optimum storage conditions in order to maintain the perfect quality of our adhesive tapes.

Correct storage is an important step towards maintaining the perfect quality of adhesive tapes. In general, tapes should be stored at a room temperature of 17 to 21°C and be protected from light and moisture. The same applies to the processing - for example, it is particularly important to acclimatise it before processing if the adhesive tape has been exposed to colder temperatures.

In addition to our standard dimensions of 50mm x 66m in the PVC range or
50mm x 50m in the range of paper tape, we realize a large variety of special dimensions - there is a lot possible, from 9mm to 150mm width or up to 990m length.

The variety of different products in our range of adhesive tapes is large. PP, PVC and paper - each material has different properties and advantages. You will find information about the different basic materials, the corresponding adhesive types such as natural rubber, acrylate and hot melt, as well as about the properties and possible applications in our overview.
Our team will also be happy to advise you personally on which adhesive tape is best suited to your needs.

Our plain and printed adhesive tapes can be reinforced with polyester threads on request, which significantly increases their tear resistance.
We use two longitudinal threads for paper tapes in the standard size of 50mm width as well as three longitudinal threads and one sinus thread each for PVC and PP tapes. The number of threads is adjusted accordingly in the case of special sizes.


Yes, because each of our individually printed adhesive tapes is a custom-made product. Our production team adjusts the printing machines precisely to customer requirements. The minimum quantity for printed adhesive tapes in standard size is 108 rolls since not only the economic aspect, but also an ecological working method is important to us
We gladly advise you on the purchase quantities for special sizes.


Unsere bedruckten Klebebänder sind „Made in Germany“ und werden in unserer hauseigenen Produktion in Köln gefertigt. Da die durchschnittliche Produktionszeit von 4 Wochen vom Auftragseingang abhängig ist erhalten sie nach Rücksendung des unterschriebenen Korrekturabzuges eine Auftragsbestätigung mit dem konkreten Versanddatum.

Our printed adhesive tapes are "Made in Germany" and are manufactured in our own production site in Cologne. You will receive an order confirmation with the specific dispatch date after returning the signed proof since the average production time of 4 weeks depends on the incoming order.

Je nach Auftragslage kann es beim beauftragten Paketdienst in Ausnahmefällen zu einer Teillieferung kommen. Das fehlende Paket wird Ihnen voraussichtlich am Folgetag zugestellt. Sollte das nicht der Fall sein, nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt mit uns auf.

In exceptional cases, we may send a partial delivery with the assigned parcel service depending on the order situation. The missing parcel will probably be delivered on the following day. Please contact us if this is not the case.

Printing technology

We recommend processing vector graphics in EPS format or particularly high-resolution PDF graphics for optimum printing results.
Experience has shown that pixel graphics, on the other hand, often lead to unclean printed images.
If you do not have a suitable graphic at hand, our studio can also work with the designation of the respective font or the corresponding font suitcase. We will be happy to advise you -

A positive print is characterized by the fact that only the desired motif is printed onto the adhesive tape in the selected colour, while it works exactly the other way around with a negative print - the tape is printed over the entire surface and the motif is omitted.
More detailed information about printing adhesive tapes can be found here.

In the printing industry, a printing block is a high-pressure template which serves to transfer the ink onto the adhesive tape. A printing block is particularly suitable for positive prints, as it produces repeat seams. A sleeve, on the other hand, is an "endless" pprinting block on a cylinder, which enables a full-surface print without any build-up, especially with negative prints.
Further information on printing on adhesive tapes can be found here.



You can plan long-term with us when it comes to this - the printing block you have bought will be kept by us for 10 years for further repeat orders and will be replaced free of charge if it wears out. The proportionate costs only incur when you place your first order or change your motif.

Bei Abnahmemengen zwischen 108 Rollen und einer Palette realisieren wir für Sie bis zu drei Farben und können durch Rasterung weitere Nuancen erzielen. Bei Abnahmemengen von mehr als einer Palette produzieren wir Ihr Band auch gerne mit bis zu sieben Farben oder im Fotodruck. Um Ihre Farbwünsche flexibel umsetzen zu können, nutzen wir die Farbsysteme PANTONE , HKS und RAL, als Sonderfarben stehen Ihnen die Metallfarben Gold, Silber, Kupfer sowie Signalorange (Fluororange) zur Verfügung. Umfangreiche Informationen rund um das Thema "bedruckte Klebebänder" finden Sie hier.

With purchase quantities between 108 rolls and one pallet, we can produce up to three colours for you and achieve further nuances by screening. If you order more than one pallet, we can also produce your tape with up to seven colours or in photo print. In order to be able to implement your colour wishes flexibly, we use the colour systems PANTONE, HKS and RAL. The metal colours gold, silver, copper and signal orange (fluororange) are available as special colours. You can find extensive information about "printed adhesive tapes" here.

Before we approve your adhesive tape for printing, we will send you a proof with all information about the print image, the material and the colour. This serves to check all data, because we can only realize your desired adhesive tape once everything is to your satisfaction and you have signed the proof and sent it back to us.


The packaging market is constantly on the move. To enable our partners to react flexibly, we offer attractive and individual special conditions as part of a partnership-based cooperation. We advise you gladly right here!

Yes, we can send your order either neutrally or with your individual delivery note, directly to your end customer on request. Further information can be found here.

Customer protection is our top priority! Our goal is a lasting, honest cooperation with our business partners. If a customer obtains his printed adhesive tape from one of our cooperation partners, we will not approach them and will refer to our customer protection in the event of an enquiry. You can find out more about customer protection here.

Yes, it is possible to set up a collective delivery in principle. The order frequency and the order quantities are relevant in this case. We will gladly advise you personally.

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