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Tape dispensers

Ideally, tools should make manual work easier. But this is certainly not always the case. With the wrong utensils, the task to be solved is still very much a tough job. A decisive aspect are the ergonomics of the selected tool: Only working ergonomically will result in the greatest possible efficiency. Even the best tool is worth nothing if your wrists hurt after only a few minutes of work or if you can't continue the job for other reasons. However, this will not happen to you with a tape dispenser from Supra-Ratiopac Verpackungen GmbH.


Supra MT 50 S

This robust, professional hand dispenser has a band brake as well as a patented safety knife, which is only extended during cutting. This way, the hand is better protected against injuries.

Professional dispenserwith brake and knife

Supra MT 50

Like the MT 50 S with standard brake.

Professional dispenserwith brake

Supra MT 75

Absolutely sturdy professional model with brake, which is suitable for packing tapes with a width of up to 75 mm.

Professional dispenserwith brake
WidthUp to 75mm


Our lightweight. The MEISTER is an extremely light tape dispensing device, which is particularly suitable for working effortlessly with packing tapes up to 200 m in length.

Lightweight dispenserlabour-saving working style
LengthUp to 200m

Supra PAC

The quiet one from Supra. Perfect for low-noise processing of noisy adhesive tapes.



Low-noise processingof loudly unrolling tapes
Lengthup to 200m

Supra GM 25,38,50

Workshop or factory tape dispenser made from metal. This makes it extremely sturdy, practical and robust. It also protects the adhesive tape from dust and dirt. Suitable for adhesive tapes in widths of 25, 38 or 50 mm.

Workshop tape dispenserfrom metal. Extremely sturdy.

Working with a tape dispenser: harder than expected

Sealing cartons with a tape dispenser is hard work - more precisely, it is continuous manual work. This involves the clean, safe and fast execution of four work steps: positioning, pressing, unrolling and cutting. It's all a question of technique, as the precise guidance of the packing tape roll must be ensured. It is also important to tighten the tape - but not to overstretch it. Otherwise it will not stick securely to the packaging. The fourth and final step is cutting the tape off, in which one needs to look out for the tape not to tear. These steps are repeated several times, so it is a real blessing if the dispensers fit well in the hand. You don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money on a high quality dispenser - as the Supra-Ratiopac dispensers prove. There are five aspects that the manufacturer should not cut back on: Handle, roll mounting, brake, pressure roller and knife.

Order high-quality tape dispensers from the expert

Order suitable tape dispensers for your needs from your packaging expert Supra-Ratiopac right now! Do you have questions about one of our models or the many other packaging solutions from our range? Then do not hesitate to contact us - our experienced team is happy to help you.