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Hand stretch film

Whether it’s dust, dirt or weather: Goods must be securely packed and effectively protected before transport. Hand stretch films fulfil several functions at the same time, because they fix the products on the pallet and at the same time protect them from dirt and damage. Of course, these tasks require the film to be of an appropriate quality. The differences in quality and properties show especially in terms of handling and stability. Therefore, always decide to buy hand stretch film from the packaging specialist. At Supra-Ratiopac, we provide you with a product that literally holds its promises.

Standard hand stretch film

  • Cost-efficient way to secure pallets
  • Great mechanical qualities
  • Sturdy way to secure pallets
  • Great puncture resistance

Pre-stretched film

  • High yield because of pre-stretching
  • Better result at stretching for more stability
  • Reduced effort during processing
  • Less susceptibility to damage due to softer winding
  • Width stability as the film does not taper

Tried and tested: Standard hand-stretch film from Supra-Ratiopac

Supra-Ratiopac's standard hand-stretch film in cast quality, which we offer you in a transparent and a black version, is a reliable tool for securing goods. Especially when the number of products or pallets per day is within manageable limits, it makes sense to order easy-to-handle stretch film. Manual stretching of goods is inexpensive, fast and can be done on the spot. Our film protects your pallets from dirt, moisture and the effects of the weather.

Boxes stacked on pallets receive the stability required for safe transport through the use of wrapping film. Individual cardboard boxes are prevented from slipping or falling during transport or loading and unloading and, in the worst case, from injuring someone. The use of wrapping film is particularly effective for products that do not have a large amount of dead weight. Without an appropriate safety device, they will find relatively little support on a pallet. With film, on the other hand, they can be securely fixed and the pallet arrives at its destination in exactly the same shape in which it set off. At the same time, wrapping films are elastic enough to prevent packaging from being deformed or even damaged.

Optimum protection of packages with hand stretch film

Hand stretch films are a proven and reliable tool to secure picked goods on pallets. Although the film itself may be very thin, its resistance is convincing, which makes it an important aid in the distribution and logistics industry. Especially if you’re shipping angular loads, it is important to pay attention to a high-quality product with a high puncture resistance when buying hand stretch film. Low quality films tear very quickly and can become a problem during loading and unloading if the pallet is moved jerkily: They tear open, making the pallet unstable. Even if the products themselves are not damaged, costs incur due to delays that could have been avoided.

If you order hand stretch film from Supra-Ratiopac, the problems described above can be avoided from the outset. We offer hand stretch films for different purposes, depending on how strain is put on them. Our film for standard requirements is sufficient for neatly stacked pallets with parcels in the normal weight range. However, if heavy to very heavy packages or untidy and unstable pallets need transporting, it is advisable to buy stretch film designed for these high requirements.

Buy premium stretch film from Supra-Ratiopac

At Supra-Ratiopac you can order high-quality hand stretch film that meets professional requirements. Our film is stretchable and flexible to secure pallets without indenting packages. It is extremely robust, resistant and protects your goods from dust, dirt and moisture. Its transparency makes it possible to read barcodes through the film and thus identify the packaged goods. The one-sided adhesion prevents several pallets standing close to each other from sticking together and thus making loading and unloading unnecessarily difficult. Hand stretch films can be used for any type of pallet and are particularly easy to handle.

The great advantage of pre-stretched film compared to the standard version is clearly its yield. The quality of the securing for transport is optimised and at the same time the consumption of film is significantly reduced. This does not only reduce packaging costs, but also protects the environment by reducing waste due to the lower use of materials. Pre-stretched films are also much thinner than conventional films without sacrificing stability and safety. So, if you want to buy hand-stretch film and at the same time attach great importance to efficiency, pre-stretched film is the right choice.

What is so special about pre-stretched stretch film?

Pre-stretching increases the yield four times compared to standard films. The film no longer has to be stretched itself, which makes its use much easier in practice. Not as much force has to be applied as with standard film and the entire wrapping process is much faster. Due to the pre-stretching of the film, its width remains constant even after unwinding, which noticeably reduces consumption and consequently the amount of waste. Thanks to these advantages, they are used above all for damageable goods and goods that require special care during packaging. Pre-stretched films ensure a secure bond between individual packages.


Blow or cast quality: What are the differences?

The manufacturing process for hand stretch film is called film extrusion. Two processes can be used: Blown film and cast film extrusion. Both extruders and aggregates are similar in both processes. Differences mainly arise from the type of nozzle used through which the molten plastic leaves the extruder. The downstream aggregates for processing the film are also decisive in determining whether the film is of blown or cast quality.

In blown film extrusion, the molten plastic exits a ring nozzle in the form of a closed film tube. This tube is then discharged upwards. The tube is then inflated with cooling air, which allows a biaxial orientation of the film to be achieved. The process of cast film extrusion is slightly different. Here, the melt exits not from a ring but from a slit nozzle. This is then cooled by a chill roll and further processed parallel to the hall floor. In the area between the slot nozzle and the first contact with the cooling roll, the film is monoaxially oriented.

Order suitable hand stretch film now

On the respective subpage you can learn more about our standard or pre-stretched films. Inform yourself in detail and order your variant from your packaging expert Supra-Ratiopac! We will also be happy to help you with any questions you may have. We look forward to your inquiry.