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Printed PP-tape

for light- to medium-weight parcels. Discover the many design options now!

As your reliable partner for all things packaging, we offer you high-qualiity and customised solutions, of course also in the area of printed PP-tape. Get your tape printed by us with your company logo or advertising text to leave a lasting impression and stand out from your competitors. We can realise many different colours, meaning there's almost no limit to your creativity. This is an especially attractive and cost-efficient type of advertisement for companies like mail-order firms, that send out parcels and packages.


Supra Tec

Our classic witth 28µ foil.

Backing materialPP
Type of adhesiveacrylate
Noise levellow
Overall strength44µ
Fibre reinforced optionyes

Supra Pro

Reinforced 32µ foil.

Backing materialPP
Type of adhesiveacrylate
Noise levellow
Overall strength54µ
Fibre reinforced optionyes

Supra Pro Extra

Higher adhesive application.

Backing materialPP
Type of adhesiveacrylate
Noise levellow
Overall strength58µ
Fibre reinforced optionyes

Supra Lux

Our PP all-rounder.

Backing materialPP
Type of adhesivenatural rubber
Noise levellow
Overall strength44µ
Fibre reinforced optionyes

Supra Pac

Excellent adhesive strenght due to hotmelt glue.

Backing materialPP
Type of adhesivehotmelt
Noise levelloud
Overall strength46µ
Fibre reinforced optionyes

Printed PP-tape and some of its advantages

PP-tape is excellently suited for automated packaging by machines, as it is extremely resistant to pulling and cutting. We offer you printed PP-tape in three different adhesive types that we would like to explain to you further down on this page. As we have an on-site printing plant at our disposal, we have the possibility to convince ourselves of the high level of quality of our products at any time.
On our 20 printing machines, we produce an astounding 15 million m² of adhesive tape that is "made in Germany".

Printed PP-tape in many colours

For the design of your printed PP-tape, you can choose from three base colours: white, brown and transparent. This can be printed with up to four colours with our flexoprint technique. We use the colour systems PANTONE, HKS and RAL in order to implement your individual design wishes in an exact and flexible manner. Additionally, we offer you the metallic colours gold, silver and copper as special-purpose solutions.

Acrylate, hotmelt and natural rubber: printed PP-tape and its adhesive types


Generally, PP-tape can be divided into three different types of adhesive: acrylate, hotmelt and natural rubber. Printed PP-tape with acrylate adhesive unrolls especially quietly and evenly and is also very tear-resistent. A trade-off is its initial adhesive power which is why those tapes are not suitable for recycled cardboard boxes. However, the adhesion improves the longer it stays on the package. We recommend a temperature of +15° to +25° C for its storage and usage.


In contrast, printed PP-tape with hotmelt glue holds a high initial adhesive power. It even adheres very well on uneven and less high-quality cardboard surfaces. Recycled cardboard boxes can also be secured without  the slightest of problems. Therefore, it is frequently used for automated packaging by mashines. A disadvantage of this version is its comparatively load unrolling.

Natural rubber

Adhesive tapes exhibit similar features to the ones made from PVC if natural rubber is used as glue. It unrolls quietly and easily and is even stretchable to a certain degree. These type of tapes are used for packages with a maximum weight of up to 20 kg and adhere very well onto different surfaces.

From Supra Tec to Supra Pac: various types of printed PP-tape

These differ, for example, in the type of adhesive used, the unrolling-noise or the overall strength. The latter is between 44 und 58 µ. All versions are available as fibre-reinforced options. You can find further information about our PP-items Supra Tec, Supra Lux etc. in our provided data sheets. You receive PP-tapes with a standard length of 66 m at Supra-Ratiopac. Feel free to ask us for different lengths though. After all, our customers appreciate us, amongst other things, for our great flexibility and our willingness to carry out special enquiries professionally and promptly.

Printed, low-noise adhesive tape

Whether its for storage or shippment: The unrolling of adhesive tape often creates notable levels of noise that can strain the members of staff. Especially in places where not only singular parcels are packed every now and then, but where they are wrapped up continiously and in large quantities. As a result, the entire working atmosphere might suffer from it. As you can gather from the spreadsheets, most of our printed PP-tapes are low-noise options. In that case, noise pollution is not an issue anyway. But we also have a solution for the loudly unrolling Supra Pac version: A special tape dispenser that quiets down the unrolling of the tape creates an agreeable sound volume and consequently results in stress-relieved employees.

Printed PP-tape in positive and negative printing process

There are essentially no orders or enquiries that we cannot realise due to our first-class infrastructure with modern printing plants that we possess in Cologne. We mainly work with the so-called positive print. This means, that your desired motif (company logo, advertising text etc.) is printed onto your chosen PP-tape. We also offer the negative print, which enables different possibilities. Here, the process is reversed: with negative printing, the entire adhesive tape gets printed - only your desired motif is omitted. Simply let us know what your finished, customised adhesive tape is supposed to look like when you order your printed PP-tape from us and we will realise your wishes.

The test: Is it adhesive tape made from polypropylene (PP)?

By the way, there are different methods to find out, if the adhesive tape on hand is PP-tape. For one of those, you only need a ballpoint pen or a similarly sharp object like a screwdriver. Tighten the piece of adhesive tape on hand and pierce its centre with the particular object. You will likely have an adhesive tape made of PVC in front of you, if only a hole occurs. If it rips entirely though, it is probably PP-tape as it only possess tensile strength length-wise. PVC-film, however, has an equally distributed tensile strength in all directions. Therefore, adhesive tape made from polypropylene (PP) is the lower-priced alternative and should only be used for light to medium-weight parcels and packages.

Order printed PP-tape at Supra-Ratiopac now

How should your printed PP-tape look like?
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Custom-made adhesive tape turns your goods into an assured advertising medium. We have years of experience and a high-class infrastructure that enables us to fulfill even your most extraordinary wishes. Leave a lasting impression on your customers and distinguish yourself from your competitors - with top-quality adhesive tape solutions from Supra-Ratiopac!