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Water-activated tape

With Supra-Ratiopac, you have an experienced packaging expert at your side who supplies customers from many different sectors and industries from its base in Cologne. A part of our portfolio consists of special adhesive tapes which are suitable for specific applications and go beyond the commercial standard that you may know from your own household. Water-activated tape is an important part in this area. On this page, we would like to inform you in detail about the properties, advantages and application possibilities of this environmentally friendly variant of adhesive tape. We offer the tape in various dimensions and we also give you the opportunity to print it with your own individual design and thus leave a lasting impression with your customers.

Water-activated tape: A quick overview of our products

Water-activated tape 60g

Dimensions60mm x 200m
Colourwhite, brown
Fibre reinforced optionyes

Water-activated tape 70g

Dimensions70mm x 200m
Fibre reinforced optionno

Printed water-activated tape

Various dimensionswith & without reinforcement
Colourwhite, brown
-Upon request!

Water-activated tape: the strong and sustainable packaging solution

Entire industries have discovered this packaging solution for themselves by now – and water-activated tape is particularly omnipresent in online mail order. Also, another important aspect comes into play: sustainability. Water-activated tapes combine safety-related aspects with ecological aspect like hardly any other type of adhesive tape. After all, all the components needed to manufacture the product are renewable raw materials. The paper is naturally made from wood, the adhesive used is based on potato starch. In combination with water, you get an adhesive tape that, in addition to its ecological aspect, also has an incredible adhesive strength. This way, you do not only pack your goods absolutely securely but also make an important contribution to the environment. An aspect with which you can certainly score points with your customers.


Water-activated tape and its main features

Wet adhesive tape is made of robust kraft paper and is wetted on one side with a plant and starch-based adhesive. This adhesive must first be moistened (hence the term water-activated tape) in order for it to develop its adhesive power. The tapes are mainly used to securely seal cartons. The liquid adhesive forms a bond with the cardboard surface which is so strong that the tape can no longer be detached from the cardboard. This must then be opened with a cutter or similar device. The adhesive strength is so high that the tape reliably holds even on dusty surfaces. Other types of adhesive tape are much more demanding and only adhere reliably to a surface that is absolutely free of dust and grease. At Supra-Ratiopac, your experienced packaging expert from Cologne, you can get various versions of water-activated tape in different colours and dimensions, which we will explain in more detail below. Our experts will gladly give you advise on choosing the option best suited to your purposes.


Advantages of fibre reinforced water-activated tapes

As you can gather from the overview above, some versions of our water-activated tape can be fibre reinforced. We particularly recommend these fibre reinforced variants if you want to send medium to heavy cardboard boxes such as palletizable cartons. Without thread reinforcement, it may not be possible to hold these securely. Another advantage of thread reinforced tape is that once it has been torn at a certain point, the integrated glass fibres prevent further tearing. Solutions without fibre reinforcement, on the other hand, quickly result in a complete tear and the tape can no longer fulfil its function.


Further good reasons for water-activated tapes

In addition to the aspects mentioned above, there are many other reasons for using water-activated tape. For example, this special tape also provides excellent protection against theft, as the bond between the adhesive tape and the cardboard cannot be removed without leaving clearly visible traces. This enables the recipient of the parcel to see immediately whether it has already been opened by unauthorised persons. In addition, water-activated tapes are relatively resistant and withstand various influences such as temperature fluctuations and UV radiation. Furthermore, the tape has another advantage in terms of tear resistance, which was confirmed by a case study at the Fraunhofer Institute for Food Technology and Packaging. Thus, water-activated tape in its fibre reinforced form has a higher tensile strength than the widely used PP or PVC tape.


Cardboard boxes sealed with water-activated tape as an environmentally friendly single-material solution

Water-activated tapes score not only in terms of their adhesive strength but also in terms of disposal. It is not necessary to separate these tapes from the cardboard box and feed both components separately to the corresponding waste bin. As both, the cardboard and the tape, are made from paper and are 100% recyclable, both belong in the paper bin together. This means that there is no need for (waste) separation, which is why this is referred to as single material packaging. Of course, the filling material can still play a role here. For example, you still have to separate them again if you opt for polyethylene (PE) bubble envelopes. We recommend the use of packing paper in order for your customers to continue benefiting from the advantages of a single-material solution. This does not only makes it easier for your customers to handle your shipping packaging but also helps to protect the environment.


Custom printed water-activated tape at Supra-Ratiopac

You can give your water-activated tape an individual touch at Supra-Ratiopac. For example, you can get it printed with your company logo or a specific text. Up to three colours are possible. Not only can you reliably seal your cardboard packaging for shipping, but you can also provide it with a catchy advertising message. Your packing stands out from the general mass and leaves a lasting impression because of the individual design of the tape. For this purpose, please send us your desired graphic or benefit from a detailed consultation with our experts. We will gladly explain the various possibilities you have regarding custom printed water-activated tapes.

Order water-activated tape from Supra-Ratiopac now

Order high-quality water-activated tape for the safe packaging of boxes from Supra-Ratiopac, your packaging expert from Cologne, right now. The water-activated tapes are available with or without fibre reinforcement and can also be supplied with an individual imprint on request. Let this environmentally friendly tape convince you. It can be unwound evenly and quietly. After all, it is basically just rolled paper - until the adhesive power is activated by moistening. Send us your enquiry now or ask us your questions about sustainable water-activated tapes. Our competent team will gladly deal with your request and looks forward to hearing from you!