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Masking tape

Anyone who has already got to know us as a service provider knows that with Supra-Ratiopac, they have a packaging expert with decades of experience at their side who delivers high-quality products and also knows to convince with professional consultations. In addition to various adhesive tapes and other packaging solutions for standard industrial use, our customers will find a large selection of special adhesive tapes in our range. This is suitable for specific applications and goes beyond the usual commercial standard. One variant of these special solutions is the masking tape from our range, about which we will inform you in detail on this page. You will find information about the most important qualities and advantages as well as about the possible areas of application for masking tape.


Available in many different dimensions!

Masking tape

Backing materialwaterproof half crepe paper
Type of adhesivenatural rubber
Noise levellow
Overall strength135
Fibre reinforced optionno

Masking tape, painter’s tape, crepe tape ... many names for one solution

Masking tape is also known under various other terms such as crepe tape, painter's tape or masking tape. It is used wherever masking needs to be done. For example, when painting interior walls, mouldings are covered with this special adhesive tape before the actual painting. This way, clean edges of the colour lines are ensured and furthermore, the mouldings are protected from paint. The tape makes an equally valuable part in protecting them by being particularly easy to remove without leaving any residue.


Masking tape with environmentally friendly rubber-based adhesive

We rely on natural rubber, the most environmentally friendly of all available variants, as adhesive for our masking tape. Rubber or caoutchouc is a milky exudate from the rubber tree. The product is also better known by many as latex. If this is dissolved in a solvent together with a synthetic resin, which provides the adhesive strength, and further processed, a reliable adhesive is created. What’s special about the production process is that a large proportion (around 95%) of the solvent used can be recovered with a special system and returned to the cycle - an extremely efficient and resource-saving method.


Masking tape from Supra-Ratiopac: the features at a glance

Our masking tape from has another important advantage, which can be attritbuted to the rubber-based adhesive: because of its use, the masking tape unrolls easily, evenly and quietly. The most important information worth knowing about this tape, which is also suitable for painting, can be found in the overview below.

Working precisely with masking tape

In order to achieve an optimum result when painting or doing other work with paint, the right material is particularly important. With Supra-Ratiopac you have a packaging expert at your side who has a wealth of experience in the field of adhesive tapes and who also convinces with the first-class quality of his products. Painter's tape and masking tape are no exception. Our competent employees will give you information about which applications this tape is particularly suitable for and when you are better advised with another adhesive tape solution from Supra-Ratiopac.

Adhesive tape for painting or packaging: always tested quality from Supra-Ratiopac

Whether with masking tape or the many other packaging solutions in our extensive range: Every product at Supra-Ratiopac is put through its paces so that only flawless articles leave our premises. We have a laboratory in which we test our adhesive tapes using specially developed test procedures or check them on the basis of international standards. Our experts do not only make sure that the desired lengths and widths have been adhered to exactly. The adhesive strength as well as the adhesive application are also examined under watchful eyes. Once these steps have been completed, however, a practical test is carried out to check whether the tape behaves as desired - even under extreme conditions - when applied to a specific surface.


Order masking tape ow!

Protect mouldings, floors and also furniture, of course, with mask tape from Supra-Ratiopac! The tape does not only act as a kind of buffer between the paint and the piece of furniture or moulding - it also prevents the paint from spilling, which can be a problem on walls in particular. In addition to its pure protective function for furniture or decorative strips, the tape is also ideal for bringing precise shapes and patterns to the wall and thus giving every room a very individual touch - be it a children's room, bathroom or living room. Contact us now and direct your enquiry to us. We will be happy to help you.