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Printed PVC-tape – tailored to you

It cannot be dismissed that the huge selection of various packing tapes doesn't make it easier to choose. We from Supra-Ratiopac and reliable partner in the area of printed PVC-tapes shall help you with this! We offer high-quality products that are tailored to your needs. Here, the icing on the cake is the individual touch that the adhesive tape gets from your company logo or advertising slogan. This unique feature is very effective for our customers and creates a high recognition factor. The material PVC fulfills the highest expectations and turns packing tapes into a premium-class product. No matter if it's about design options, the adhesive power or reliability in relation to heavy cardboard boxes. Convince yourself of our continious and high quality standards!


Supra Band

PVC- all-rounder for all surfaces.

Backing materialPVC
Type of adhesivenatural rubber
Overall strength56µ
Fibre reinforced optionyes

Supra Band 124

Extra strong PVC with 45µ foil.

Backing materialPVC
Type of adhesivenatural rubber
Overall strength68µ
Fibre reinforced optionyes

Supra Band 260

Our strongest PVC with 60µ foil.

Backing materialPVC
Type of adhesivenatural rubber
Overall strength80µ
Fibre reinforced optionyes

Printed PVC-tape: the "all-rounder"

 Printed PVC-tape suits the packaging of medium- to heavy-weight products excellently because of its high tensile strength. PVC-tapes can be used for packages with a maxiumum weight up to approx. 30 kg without any difficulties. We also ensure the best sealing guarantee in this case. We offer you an adhesive tape that is perfectly suitable for all kinds of surfaces. It adheres very well on all cardboards and also serves as a great break-in protection when natural rubber is used as glue. Re-sealing it unnoticably is impossible. Therefore, the packing tape acts similar to a wax seal. Like all of our packing tapes, the PVC variation is also available with fibres which Supra-Ratiopac is one of the leading specialists for.

Adhesive tape from PCV for coloured printing

Another benefit of PVC is that the applied colour sticks especially well to the material. The base colours of our adhesive tapes are brown and white as well as transparent. We also produce your adhesive tape in any other shade on demand by dying it entirely - in a constantly strong colour quality. As you can see, there are no restrictions to the design of packing tapes in terms of colour. Unique design wishes for this backing material can also be carried out with metallic colours in gold, silver and copper. Please approach us with your individual ideas!

Printed PVC-tape for high expectations

A package must be wrapped especially securely for transport if it reaches a weight up to 30 kg. Therefore it doesn't only need a sturdy cardboard box but also a suitable means of sealing it. PCV-tape is especially suitable for this case, as its tensile strength is enourmous and it withstands extreme loads. PVC-tape is very hard-wearing and adheres easily onto all sufaces – even wood, plastic and aluminium. However, one needs to keep in mind that it cannot be removed residue-free. An ideal initial adhesive power and an equally reliable long-lasting adhesion complete the advantages of this packing tape. For this reason, it is very well suited for archiving purposes and is furthermore immune to coldness and heat. We provide a standard measurement of 50 mm x 66 mm for PVC-tapes with a material thickness of 33 or 45 µ. You also have the option to get other widths (min.19 mm) and lengths realised by us on request. It should not left unsaid that it is low-noise in usage and unrolls very evenly. These features make PVC-tape an ideal choice, also for machine-operated processing.

Why printed PVC-tape?

On the one hand, printed PVC-tape is a good example for printable packing or adhesive tape, as it is predestined for various colourful designs and the usage on almost all surfaces. Additionally, one shouldn't underestimate the effect of a company logo or a spot on advertising message on a product like an adhesive tape. It's not without a reason that many companies place additional stickers either with a logo or a catchy slogan onto every parcels that leaves the dispatch department. Printed cardboard boxes are used often as an alternative. The recognition factor of an otherwise seemingly dull box is incredibly high. It makes sense to use one's advertising space as well as possible in this situation and not only select a suitable adhesive tape for the sealing of boxes, but one with a unique design. And the best part of it: you receive an inexpensive branding tool for comparatively little effort! It's always worthwhile to stand out from one's crowd of competitors skillfully! You don't only convey professionalism but also strengthen the company image. Use this exceptionally easy way of communication also, for example, for the spreading of your address and contact details.

Printing technique with special flexoprint machine

The method that we use for printing onto PVC-tape is called flexoprint. The surface of the adhesive tape gets printed with an especially equipped machine in which the selected colours are combined with each other through a chemical reaction. This method gives the imprint its high quality and preserves it for a long time. The process takes place under the watchful eyes of our experienced members of staff at our on-site printing plant which is equippted with the latest machinery. We supply you reliably with orders from a minimum quantitiy of 108 rolls of printed PVC-tape "made in Germany". The printing blocks that we use for your imprint are stored safely here with us in Cologne. For you, this means: No new costs arise when re-ordering further adhesive tapes with the same motif. Also, we certainly replace your printing blocks for free if they're too worn.

Test: Is it an adhesive tape made from PVC?

The method for finding out whether the adhesive tape on hand is PVC-tape is called the prick test. With this quick trick, you can determine if you have PVC-tape on hand relatively easily. Unroll a few centimetres of adhesive tape and attach the end to an object or ideally a table and tighten it. Now you have to pierce it with a ballpoint pen or another sharp object. If the tape tears, it is likely to be PP-tape as it only possesses over a high tensile strength lengthwise. You probably have adhesive tape from PVC if only a hole occurs from the prick. It has an equal linear expansion and transverse strain. This explains why PP is the material suitable for medium-weight boxes and PVC should be used for light-weight parcels.

Find your printed PVC-tape now at Supra-Ratiopac

Nowadays nearly anything gets printed that offers space for a logo or advertising slogan. But fundamentally, nothing is as self-suggesting and effective in advertising as a PVC-tape printed with your own lettering for sealing packages.

We gladly advise you on all issues via e-mail or telephone and are at your service with out in-depth knowledge! As experts for this area, we can carry out your special wishes regarding the design.
It is a matter of course to us to provide our customers with a premium-level of quality without loosing the cost-factor out of sight.
Therefore, we constantly react to the dynamic market and permanently develop our products further.

Get in touch with us and convince yourself of our high-class products and of the excellent price-performance ratio from Supra-Ratiopac, your packaging expert!