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History company

The Supra-Ratiopac company group has been one of the most significant companies in the packaging industry for 50 years.


Rainer Funke founds Supra Verpackungen GmbH, which quickly establishes itself as one of the leading manufacturers of printed, fibre reinforced packing tapes. Self-adhesive packaging tapes are individually printed in the modern flexo printing plant.
Precision printing machines produce over 1,000,000 metres of printed and fibre reinforced tapes per day.


Ratiopac Systemverpackung GmbH, founded in 1977, specialises in transport securing of pallets with stretch film.
Under the name Stretchplus, Ratiopac offers particularly reliable pallet securing film for processing.


Founded in 1982 as Toppy Tapes GmbH and renamed in 2004, Toppy Verpackung GmbH opens up another field in packaging with modern strapping machines, hand strappers, straps and the necessary equipment.
A range of films + cardboard bags as well as other special packaging accessories rounds off the product range.


The group is successfully active in the French market with the establishment of a commercial branch in Colmar, Alsace, in 1992.


Stretchplus GmbH, a subsidiary of Ratiopac GmbH with an extensive product range, has been producing its own pallete safety film starting at 7µ since 2006 .


In 2010, the companies Supra Verpackung GmbH, Ratiopac Systemverpackung GmbH and Toppy Verpackung GmbH were merged into Supra-Ratiopac Verpackungen GmbH under the motto "Everything under one roof".
The subsidiary Stretchplus GmbH continues to exist!


The trading company Supra-Ratiopac SAS in Colmar, Alsace, founded in 1992, was taken over, or rather acquired in 2015 by Luc Wagner, Managing Director for many years!


Today, Supra-Ratiopac looks back on 50 years of company history - 49 of them accompanied by the founder Rainer Funke. “Standstill" was not a part of his vocabulary and in this spirit, Supra-Ratiopac will continue to react to the constantly changing conditions of the packaging market. Whether it's an increasing environmental awareness or innovations in the field of transport regulations, Supra is always one step ahead. Continuous adjustments of the product portfolio to changing customer requirements and modernization of production possibilities are the focus. We are also starting our anniversary year visually youthful with a renewal of our office equipment. History is piling up in our printing block rooms, on the other hand. Over 40,000 printing blocks are stored here, ready to hand for our customers at any time. We now produce several million square metres of printed and fibre reinforced adhesive tape a year - exclusively for you!