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Studio & Laboratory

Support in word and deed!

Studio - from Supra for customers!

In our print office, we produce your printed packing tape according to your individual wishes.
There are hardly any limits to your creativity.
Our knowledgeable employees will realise almost any desired print image according to your ideas in our in-house studio. Thanks to our many years of experience and close cooperation with our production staff, we always find a way to implement even the most complex ideas. For instance, our high-quality adhesive tapes can be created in both, positive and negative printing process.
Our studio staff will manufacture the proof for you and produce the corresponding printing blocks.

If you have any questions about printing processes and design options, we will gladly provide you with a personal consultation.

Laboratory - Quality per every meter!

The quality of our products is under constant control, so that only absolutely perfect packing tapes leave our premise. This is why we regularly test our adhesive tapes in our laboratory on the basis of internationally valid test procedures and specially developed practical tests. In addition to obvious things, such as the exact adherence to lengths and widths of the adhesive tape rolls, we also test our products with regard to adhesive strength and adhesive application. We check the immediate adhesion with means of the "rolling ball" tests and check the shear strength, which indicates how well, or rather, for how long a tape adheres to a carton.

If all these values are satisfactory, our tapes still have to pass the practical test. Here we test whether the adhesive tape that is applied to a cardboard behaves as desired - even under extreme conditions!


50 years of experience with adhesive tapes make us the ideal partner!

From inquiry, to the manufacturing process, up to the dispatch of the adhesive tapes - we have competent employees who will gladly answer your questions regarding each step.

Contact us now and benefit from our knowledge. Discuss details about your print image with our studio or clarify questions about the properties of your adhesive tape with our quality assurance staff.
We look forward to hearing from you.