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Printed adhesive tape

Supra-Ratiopac produces adhesive tape for your individual needs in three types of qualities. There are no limitations to your creativity as we have an on-site printing plant at our disposal and can print in many colours. Learn about our product range on this page and order your custom-printed tape – for example with logo – for your marketing purposes at the expert for all aspects of packaging.


Printed PP-tape

-easily unrollable

-excellent transparency


-can be used in deep-freeze warehouses


Printed PVC-tape

-unrolls quietly and evenly

-strong backing material

-"all-round tape" for all surfaces

-available in embossed finish

-best sealing guarantee

Printed paper tape


-unrolls quietly and evenly

-strong backing material

-best sealing guarantee

Laserklischee Sleeve

Laser printing blocks (sleeves) are also possible

We offer modern direct laser engraving as an alternative to the photomechanical manufacturing of blocks. In this process, the laser beam cuts out the non-printing areas from the printing plate. The computer-operated laser beam moves along the printing block which mounts onto a cylinder and rotates, leaving the printable motif like a relief. Such an "endless" laser block is also known as a sleeve and enables the seamless and holohedral print onto your custom adhesive tape with a logo or any other motif. Ask us about the many possibilities – we will certainly find an attracive solution for you.

Creation of blocks in own studio

Apart from our printing plant, we also have an on-site studio at our disposal in which we create blocks for your printed adhesive tape. For this, we usually need need a vector file from you. In printing, a block is a type of relief printing template. It is made from photopolymer in the modern flexoprinting technique that we work with. The printing plates are either delivered as unexposed flexoprint plates or cast from liquid resin. Those parts of the printing plant that are responsible for the transfer of colour are covered with a negative film and cured. We only charge you for the blocks once proportionately at your first order or in case you want to change the motif. You can absolutely plan long-term with us, as we store your plates for 10 years for repeat orders. In case the blocks are too worn and torn, you shall obviously receive a replacement - free of charge.

Positivdruck Negativdruck Beispiele

Printed adhesive tape per positive and negative print

You can order premium printed adhesive tape at Supra-Ratiopac from a minimum order quantity that depends on the chosen type. The standard measurements are 50 mm x 66 m or 50 mm x 50 m (paper). We can also realise custom measurements on demand. We carry out your individuell projects per positive or negative print on our high-class printing plants. Positive print means that your desired graphic gets printed in the chosen colour onto the adhesive tape exclusively. The exact opposite applies to negative print: the adhesive tape gets printed on the entire surface – apart from the graphic that gets omitted.

Adhesive tape, that's why

There is almost no industry in Germany or in the whole world that isn't confronted with an increasing pressure of competition. Therefore one should stand out from the competition. A process that can be initiated in various ways. So why not by using printed adhesive tape in comparison to its dull standard version? If you use adhesive tape with your company logo, for example, you can boost the advertising effectiveness of your brand.
With every sent shipping package, you increase the recognition factor at the clients' side and distinguish yourself from the competitors in a creative way. Moreover, you can kill two birds with one stone: With adhesive tape from Supra-Ratiopac, you have a useful break-in protection, which tells you if the parcel has been opened by unauthorised parties. Rely on our experience and secure yourself an entire 66 m of advertising space with our adhesive tape!

Printed adhesive tape in various colours and qualities

Our adhesive tape is printable in PVC and PP qualities as well as craft adhesive tape made from paper. You can find detailed information about these types on the corresponding subpages and data sheets that we provide you with. We use the colour systems PANTONE, HKS and RAL to realise your colour preference and the metal colours gold, silver and copper as well as signal orange (fluorine orange) are at your disposal as non-standard colours. The three basic colours of our tapes are brown, white and transparent. Of course, we can colour the complete tape in any shade. Let us know your ideas. We possess years of experience and the needed equipment to implement almost any non-standard wishes.

Warning tapes in signal colour at Supra-Ratiopac

Of course, you can also obtain special warning adhesive tapes with print from us. These tapes in the signal colour fluor orange are the ideal solution to sensitise the user to the appropriate handling of the shipment. The material can vary so that you can choose from warning tapes made from PVC or PP, for instance. Warning adhesive tapes made from paper are newly introduced to our product range. Our high-quality craft paper is lightweight, unrolls quietly and is the ideal choice when a single-material solution is needed. Like all of our adhesive tapes,  our paper warning tapes can be customised and fibre-reinforced. Have a look at our category of special adhesive tapes for further information on fabric and double-sided ahesive tape as well as warning tape.

Order printed adhesive tape with logo

Get in touch with us and obtain your printed adhesive tape with or without logo directly from the packaging expert from Cologne. We optimise our offer and our processes since the establishment of the company in the late 1960s. We always have an eye on the events in the market as well as on the guide lines in relation to environment protection and sustainibility. This way, we can always offer you the best quality possible anew. We do not consider our adhesive tapes and packaging solutions as mass-produced goods but are conscious of the unique requirements of our customers.

 Therefore, we gladly consult with you in greater detail if you need assistance with choosing the suitable material for your adhesive tapes or answer questions regarding our different printing techniques.
Rely on the quality of Supra-Ratipac!
We're looking forward to your enquiry.