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Printed paper tape: customised from the expert

Supra-Ratiopac is your reliable partner when it comes to packaging. We offer you high-quality and above all individual solutions, among other things in the area of printed paper tape. Our adhesive tape made of high-quality craft paper can be customised with your company logo or a compelling advertising text. Because of this unique feature, your customers will surely remember you and it will remain a lasting first impression. In addition, our printed paper tape is the perfect choice to stand out from the competition. With us, there are hardly any limits for you when it comes to colour variations and design possibilities. All companies that send parcels and packages regularly and in large quantities should take advantage of this opportunity. Because the lasting advertising effectiveness of our attractive solutions in the field of mail-order products is higher than ever.


Supra Craft

Our most environmentally-friendly adhesive tape.

Backing materialpaper
Type of adhesivenatural rubber
Overall strength135µ
Fibre reinforced optionyes

Supra Paper

The lower-cost alternative with hotmelt glue.

Backing materialpaper
Type of adhesivehotmelt
Overall strength105µ
Fibre reinforced optionyes

Printed paper tape and its main features

Printed paper tape, or as we call it: Craft adhesive tape, is ideal for packaging light to heavy cardboard boxes and has the best seal guarantee. With our Craft adhesive tape, we offer you a packaging tape solution that convinces through its versatile use as well as through its ecological composition. This tape is available with the two adhesive types natural rubber and hotmelt. The latter option has only been on the market for a relatively short time. Further down on this page, we will introduce you to both in detail. In our in-house printing plant in Cologne, we have the opportunity to check the quality of our products at any time and keep a watchful eye on every production step. All in all, our 20 printing machines produce around 15 million m² of adhesive tape "made in Germany" annually which is in accordance with the requirements of DIN ISO 9001:2015.

Printed paper adhesive tape allows various possibilities

The designs of the products available and the features of the different brands in our range are extremely varied and changeable. Each packing tape is suitable for different purposes and locations, depending on the type of adhesive, the noise level when unrolling or the carrier material thickness. Our paper adhesive tape, which we offer under the brand name Supra Craft, is of a particularly high-quality with a carrier material thickness of 135 µ and is also fibre-reinforceable. The same applies to the version with hotmelt adhesive, which has a carrier thickness of 105 µ. When it comes to paper with fibres, we are specialists with the necessary specialist knowledge and many years of application-oriented experience. Use our high-quality tapes as your advertising space! With our Supra-Ratiopac paper tape rolls, you have as much as 50 m of it as standard. Of course, we also realise individual dimensions for you.

Printed paper tape in a wide range of colours

There are a variety of options when defining a design of the craft adhesive tape. You select the preferred base colour and then specify the desired print option. Our craft adhesive tapes are printed exclusively with water-based inks. These are particularly ecological, as no solvents are used. Just like our customers, we also keep an eye on sustainability and do everything we can to minimize our impact on the environment. Unique in our assortment and absolutely no standard article is printed paper tape in the basic colour white. We are one of the leading suppliers of it and therefore you, too, stand out from the crowd through its use.

The printing process: positive and negative printing possible

The so-called positive printing is the most commonly used process for printing adhesive tapes. This way, your desired motif is printed on the paper tape of your choice. The spectrum of possibilities is extended by negative printing. With this variant, the adhesive tape itself is completely printed, the desired motif is omitted. So the printing is done exactly the other way round. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the printing process, as your adhesive tape with your company logo or advertising slogan should correspond exactly to your wishes and look as individual as possible.

The eco test: sustainable adhesive tapeiu

Many companies have already embedded it into their credo: sustainability and environmentally conscious actions. This is where paper also fits in perfectly as a carrier material for adhesive tape, as it is a natural material that is 100% recyclable. This also applies to natural rubber, but not to hotmelt. The paper adhesive tape itself is robust, tear-resistant and can also be easily removed from the cardboard boxes for optimum disposal. Economic packaging and environmental friendliness are therefore not a contradiction in terms. Today, comfort is also absolutely compatible with the idea of nature. Especially in view of the strict EU environmental regulations on waste reduction, it makes sense to take a closer look at them. So why not start where it can be easily implemented and also leave a good impression on customers?

Low-noise unrolling (with the natural rubber adhesive version) is also a blessing for all workers in storage and dispatch when it comes to health, and reduces the overall strain.

These are the adhesive types: natural rubber and hotmelt

What are the differences regarding printed paper tape? There are two different types, natural rubber adhesive and hot melt adhesive. Paper tapes with hot melt adhesive are becoming increasingly popular. The reason for this is that paper tape with the so-called synthetic rubber adhesive has a very high initial adhesive strength at normal temperatures and is therefore suitable for uneven cardboard surfaces. In addition, this craft adhesive tape can withstand even extreme temperatures of +70 or -30 °C for a short time.

Natural rubber for high viscosity

The common and high-quality version is the use of natural rubber. This has a very high adhesive strength and the tapes can also be exposed to lower temperatures without hesitation. Not to be disregarded is also its high viscosity, i.e. natural rubber adapts directly to the surface of the cardboard.

Low-noise and even unrolling

Furthermore, we would like to highlight a great advantage of self-adhesive paper tape with natural rubber: The quiet and even unwinding behaviour provides a great relief for the employees in the warehouse or shipping department, who are exposed to a high level of background noise every day.

Order printed paper tape now from Supra-Ratiopac

You are absolutely free in designing your printed paper tape. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone. We are at your service with competent advice! Our decades of experience allow us to consider your wishes as individually as possible. Our infrastructure enables us to react quickly and flexibly. In addition, you benefit equally from first-class quality and cost-effective production. Thanks to Supra-Ratiopac's high-quality adhesive tape solutions, your customers will remember you at first glance!