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Filament tape

At Supra-Ratiopac, we work with customers from many different industries and which therefore approach us with many different requirements and wishes. Depending on the area of application, these customers do not need the standard stretch film or an adhesive tape variant as everyone knows it. More specific solutions are often sought, which is why we offer a large selection of special adhesive tapes. A part of this is filament tape, about which we would like to inform you in detail on this page. You will find out exactly what filament tape is, for which applications it is used and the properties of the SupraFIL product we offer.


Filament tape

Backing materialPP with glass fibre reinforcement
Type of adhesivehotmelt
Overall strength120µ
Fibre reinforced optionno

Our filament tape SupraFIL

Our SupraFIL filament tape is available in many different sizes and has special tear resistance thanks to the glass fibre reinforcement! The total thickness of the tape is 120 µ. We have presented the most important qualities of this filament tape in the overview for you.

Filament tape SupraFIL: the qualities

The backing material PP for our filament tape is glass fibre reinforced. In addition to the already mentioned tear resistance, the tape is easy to unroll and has other advantages to offer. For example, it is very shock proof and has great impact resistance as well as being insensitive to moisture. The tapes can withstand both heat and low temperatures: the range is between -35 and +130 °C. In addition, our filament tape is non-flammable. Convince yourself of the high quality of our products!


Ideal storage conditions for the filament tape SupraFIL:

The tapes should be stored at temperatures between 15 and 25 °C for no longer than 6 months to ensure perfect product quality. They should also be protected from moisture, light and external pressure. The optimum qualities of an adhesive tape can only be maintained if it is stored properly. Send your inquiry now to Supra-Ratiopac GmbH and comfortably order the desired quantity of high-quality filament tape!


Glass fibre reinforced tape with hotmelt

For our filament tape, we rely exclusively on a modern type of adhesive: Hotmelt. The reasons for this lie in the high initial adhesive strength and very good adhesion - even on relatively uneven surfaces, such as those found on recycled cartons. For the reasons mentioned above, our filament tape with hotmelt adhesive is also ideal for packing cardboard boxes by machines. Hot melt adhesives are generally thermoplastic materials in a solid state at room temperature. The adhesives become liquid by melting and can then be applied to the corresponding surface. As soon as the adhesives cool down below their melting point again, they adhere reliably. A further advantage of hotmelt tapes is their high efficiency: Compared to conventional packing tapes, consumption is considerably reduced here because usually a single strip of this glass fiber reinforced adhesive tape is sufficient to ensure the secure sealing of various types of cardboard packaging.

Filament tape: glass fibre reinforced tape by Supra-Ratiopac

Filament tape is a special glass fibre reinforced packing tape. This reinforcement ensures very high tear resistance, which is why this type of adhesive tape is frequently used for particularly sensitive items and wares such as heavy cargo and dangerous goods. Our high-quality product in this area - SupraFIL - is transparent and highly suitable for bundling, strapping and reinforcing and does not even stop at heavy cardboard boxes or the hazardous goods packaging mentioned above.


When stability is required - filament tape by Supra Ratiopac

Special applications that require a lot of strength and stability require a strong partner. The team of Supra-Ratiopac Verpackungen GmbH is at your side with expertise and innovation. Whether you need tear-resistant filament tape or a fibre reinforced version of our high-quality PVC and PP tapes - together we will determine your requirements and find the ideal packaging solution for you.

A further concern for us is, by the way, to ensure the highest possible environmental compatibility in our everyday work in purchasing, production or distribution. As an established packaging expert, we see it as our responsibility to make our own contribution to the preservation of all our natural resources. We also motivate our customers and suppliers to do the same and encourage them to adopt an ecologically oriented approach. In this context, we also only work with suppliers who have a defined environmental policy and/or have the appropriate certification.

Order filament tape now from certified dealer

If you would like to find out more about the aspects we have taken up in our own environmental statement, take a look at our certificates. Here you will find, among other things, our ISO 9001:2015 certification, in which TÜV Rheinland certifies certain minimum requirements for a quality management system. Would you like to benefit from our many years of experience and the first-class quality of our products while at the same time being very environmentally conscious? Then contact your expert for adhesive tape and other packaging solutions now - we look forward to your inquiry!