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Standard machine stretch film

Stretch film is one of the most frequently used packaging materials, and for good reason. Load securing is an important issue for all companies that ship goods in large quantities. Stacks of crates or pallets must not slip during transport. The use of sturdy stretch films is particularly recommended for long transport routes. They keep stacks of crates and pallets safely in shape. This reduces the risk of the contents having too much room to manoeuvre and being damaged. The risk of the load falling apart uncontrollably is also significantly reduced. Stretch films also offer good protection against moisture and dust. This advantage is not only evident in transport by rail or ship. Goods and objects that are to be stored for a longer period of time can also be easily and reliably protected against damage or soiling with standard stretch films.

The products



Dimensions500mm x 3000m
Pre-stretchable up to (%)200%



Dimensions500mm x 2100m
Pre-stretchable up to (%)150%



Dimensions500mm x 1788m
Pre-stretchable up to (%)150%



Dimensions500mm x 1550m

Standard machine stretch film for professional and secure packaging

Our standard machine stretch film offers you an attractive price-performance ratio. It can be used in many ways and is a recommendable packing solution for both smaller and larger companies. The reliable and efficient film enables fast and professional stretch wrapping. Packaging with tear-resistant machine stretch film is standard nowadays for stacks of pallets or crates. The pallets can be stacked to save space and are then wrapped several times with the stretchable film. The result is extremely stable and protects the pallets, crates and their contents during transport. The film is ideal especially for those companies which have machines available for pre-stretching the film. This allows the stretch film to be prepared in order to ensure maximum stability after pre-stretching.


This is how you find the correct standard machine stretch film

Our standard machine stretch films are a very good choice if you are looking for a high-quality film and have the appropriate equipment for stretching. Choose the right film for your packaging needs. In order for you to select the right machine stretch film for your purposes, we offer the following thicknesses: 12, 17, 20 and 23 µ. Our 12-µ stretchplus film, for example, can be pre-stretched up to 200 %.

You can quickly see which standard stretch film has which properties from the product descriptions. Films marked with the letter M are machine stretch films. CAST, BLAST as well as COEX refer to the production method, whereby we exclusively use cast for machine stretch films. You will also find information on the thickness and elasticity of the film. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our experienced staff to select the right film for your company.

High-quality machine stretch films for shipping and storage

Machine stretch film has many advantages in comparison to hand stretch film if regular packaging is required in your company. It does not only enable the proper packing of larger and higher pallet stacks. The standard machine stretch film also allows very even stretching with optimum elongation. This way, a large number of pallets or crates can be packed reliably and safely. This saves you time and money. Because transport damage caused by packaging errors can be claimed. A clean and professionally packaged product also leaves a good impression on your customers: You present as a reliable business partner who attaches great importance to the careful compilation and delivery of the ordered goods.

Good reasons for standard machine stretch film from Supra-Ratiopac

For the production of standard machine stretch films from Supra-Ratiopac, we use the so-called cast process. In this production method, the plastic granulate is melted and applied to water-cooled rollers. The subsequent processing gives the stretch film its desired consistency and thickness. Cast films produced in this way are characterized by a high degree of transparency. They can be stretched with comparatively little effort and unroll quietly during stretching. They also have a high tensile strength and good adhesive properties. They are ideal if you want to pack products, pallets and crates that are evenly loaded and have no sharp edges. And our Stretchplus brand films offer you yet another advantage: they are thinner than many other films and thus save material and costs. At the same time, they ensure a high level of packaging and transport security.


We value reliability and transparency

You can be sure to get exactly as much foil as you ordered from Supra-Ratiopac. After all, we are a member of the ProStretch initiative, which stands for tested stretch films. All companies of the initiative that offer or produce films commit themselves to transparency and quality. We provide you with all important data about our machine stretch films. This allows you to check exactly how much film you get for your money. We also use high-quality and high-performance materials. This way, we ensure that you only use as much stretch film and invest the amount of money you actually need to pack and secure your goods. The ProStretch guarantee means that you, as a customer, will reliably receive exactly the product you chose when you bought it - in exactly the quantity you want.

How standard machine stretch film protects your goodsThere are different techniques for packaging goods with stretch film. The appropriate stretch method varies depending on the shape of the load and the directions in which it must be secured. The correc

There are different techniques for packaging goods with stretch film. The appropriate stretch method varies depending on the shape of the load and the directions in which it must be secured. The correct pre-stretching of the film has a great influence on transport safety. Only then, does it develop a restoring force that securely holds all packaged crates, pallets and objects together. Each film has a maximum stretchability. It is important for the stability of the load that it is not exceeded as this would weaken the film. Particular care should be taken not to overstretch the film, especially on sharp edges and corners, in order to avoid rips.

Supra-Ratiopac - Your expert for machine stretch films of all kinds

Use the advantages of our standard machine stretch film to pack all kinds of goods safely and professionally. We have been dealing with packaging materials for over 50 years and offer you a selection of technically mature machine stretch films. Take a look at our homepage and choose the right one for you. We will gladly assist you if you have any questions concerning our product range. It is very important to us that you choose the product that best suits your company and your packaging requirements. Find out which type of film is suitable for your goods and how you can use it best. Of course, we will also advise you if you are looking for suitable stretch machines or accessories. Talk to us! Our experienced employees are there for you.