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Bundle film

Supra-Ratiopac Verpackungen GmbH, based in Cologne, has existed since 1969 and offers a wide range of different packaging solutions. Starting with simple adhesive tapes, individually printable variants up to various stretch films. In this area, we offer various special solutions, which go far beyond the range of commercially available hand or machine stretch films. These include bundle film, which is used for the secure packaging of long items. On this page, we would like to inform you comprehensively about our offer in the area of this packaging solution, which is also called mini stretch film. Carry on reading to find out more about the most important properties, uses and benefits of our bundle film.

Bundle film for the secure packaging of long goods

Bundling film is significantly thicker than other commercially available types of film and is commonly used to package goods and products with an elongated shape. These are, of course, first and foremost reliably bundled by the film, but are also protected to a certain extent from bumps and cracks. Our pre-stretched bundle film has a thickness of 8 to 12 µ and is just as effective as the standard 23 µ variants. With the help of our high-quality solutions in this area and the particularly narrow rolls, you can bundle long goods such as slats and tubes as well as packages, textiles, cardboard boxes and other packaging goods in an absolutely secure way.


Use of bundle foil

This special stretch film can be processed either by hand or in combination with a so-called horizontal winder. The rolls on which the films are wound usually have widths of 100 to 250 mm to ensure that the bundling of long goods is as successful as possible. These values are significantly lower than with the usual hand or machine stretch films, so that bundling is as simple as possible and a high degree of user friendliness is ensured. Due to its smaller width, this type of film is also known as mini stretch film. The bundle films you receive from Supra-Ratiopac also impress with their particularly easy handling: After all, they can simply be held by a ring if they are stretched or torn off after wrapping.



Bundle film made of polyethylene

Our films are made of polyethylene (PE), a semi-crystalline and non-polar thermoplastic which is the most widely used plastic. The reasons for this widespread use include the high holding forces and the great smoothness factor of the material. In addition, PE is characterised by good electrical insulation properties and high chemical resistance to a large number of acids, bases, fats and oils. Likewise, PE bundle films absorb almost no water and only allow minute amounts of water vapour to pass through. Accordingly, you protect your goods reliably against water and penetrating moisture.


PE bundle film or other stretch film? Which solution is the most suitable?

This question is often not as easy to answer as it may seem at first glance. Due to the special dimensions that the PE bundle film brings with it, it is specifically intended for use on long goods. In the case of alternative dimensions, you may be better advised to use other packaging solutions from our extensive range. Therefore, please contact Supra-Ratiopac Verpackungen GmbH from Cologne and let our experts advise you competently. Benefit from our many years of experience in the field of packaging, which we have been constantly expanding since the foundation of our company at the end of the 1960s. We are also very familiar with the specific requirements of different industries - after all, we have a large number of well-known reference customers who are active in a wide range of areas and with whom we have dealt extensively. We analyse your needs and together we find the ideal packaging solution for your individual needs.


Mini stretch film and other solutions: tested quality from Cologne

With Supra-Ratiopac you have a specialist for packaging materials at your side, who offers a wide range of different types of film. This starts with the low-cost standard film, continues with high-performance stretch film and extends to special films for special requirements, which also include the bundle film described in detail here. It is of particular importance to us that we always provide you with products that meet the highest demands. To ensure this, all packaging solutions that leave our plant in Cologne are subject to strict quality controls. This applies both to the products that we manufacture ourselves and to those for which we act as experienced dealers. Our product range is subject to continuous further development so that we and our customers can always benefit from the advantages of the latest technologies. In addition, our company is a founding member of the ProStretch initiative, in which we are also committed to high quality standards and the greatest possible degree of transparency when purchasing films. You know that at Supra-Ratiopac you will always receive exactly the quantities you ordered and paid for - and no less, guaranteed.


Bundle films from Supra-Ratiopac, your expert for packaging solutions

Contact Supra-Ratiopac Verpackungen GmbH now if you want to purchase high-quality bundle film that meets your specific requirements on site. Let our competent staff advise you whether bundle films are the right solution for you or whether other types of film are more suitable for your individual purposes. We have many years of experience in the world of packaging solutions and can help you quickly and efficiently. We give great attention to your wishes and general conditions, so that we put together a product package for you, which convinces by a high economic efficiency and large effectiveness. Get in touch with us today - we will gladly help you and look forward to hearing from you!