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Secure strapping - so that you reach your destination


Strapping has long since become an integral part of standard solutions for securing various loads. One reason for this is its great versatility: the strap can be used for sealing pallet containers or cardboard boxes or for strapping pallet loads. This means that the goods to be transported cannot be moved or tipped over. Plastic strapping is also used for bundling bulky goods (e.g. pipes). Navigate to the respective subpage to find out more about our plain or printed straps or find out more about the strapping machines and equipment available from us.

Strapping: plain or printed by Supra-Ratiopac

Essentially, our customers can choose between different variants of straps. First of all, we distinguish between unprinted and printed straps. Printed strapping is ideal to add your company logo, slogan or other advertising message onto. But there are also differences in the choice of material and the quality of the straps. Here, our customers can choose between different plastic materials and thus find the optimal strapping for their own purpose. Naturally, we also offer different sizes so that the strapping can be adapted both to the goods and to the strapping machine in use. After all, our customers should be able to use our strapping bands quickly and without great effort and integrate them into their own systems. Only this way, the strap can be used effectively in combination with the existing machine.


Strapping made of PP or PET - the choice is yours

We offer strapping made of PET and PP. You can therefore freely decide which material is more suitable for your chosen application. PP (short for polypropylene) is characterised above all by its high strength and its high temperature resistance. The continuous operating temperature of this material is around 100 °C, but it is only suitable for very low temperatures to a limited extent. On the other hand, our PET strapping: Polyethylene terephthalate is a plastic from the polyester family and can be used within a wide temperature range. Although it is not quite as permanently heat-resistant as PP, it can also withstand temperatures down to -40 °C without any problems and without becoming brittle. You can freely choose from our strapping range and can therefore adapt your decision to your specific production and transport conditions.


Use of strapping in productive operations

Straps are used both for shipping and for companies' own warehousing. These packaging solutions offer a simple and effective solution for securing goods and products onto pallets simply and securely and thus effectively protecting them from various influences. In the optimal case, strapping offers protection against both, static and against dynamic stress, and can improve thus the security in the logistics as well as in the transport lastingly. Strapping can withstand stresses such as UV rays, temperature fluctuations or moisture and are highly reliable even under dynamic loads. The straps from Supra-Ratiopac protect against the movement of the packaged goods during the transport of goods.


Strapping - printed and unprinted for your applications

You will find strapping bands in both, unprinted and printed form, in our assortment. Printed straps can be provided with your logo, text or graphics according to your specifications and within the limits of what is technically possible. Thus, not only unique identifications of your goods are created, but also a simple assignment of the individual product groups can be manufactured, if needed. By using different colours and clear imprints, you can, among other things, significantly simplify storage as one glance at the strapping is all that is needed to identify the product group to which it belongs. But strapping is also a good solution for customer dispatch in order to emphasize your corporate identity and being recalled by your customer already by your packaging. Our experts will gladly advise you on the individual possibilities.


Finding the right strapping - easier than ever before

It is important that you find the right solutions for your company and your work areas with regards to strapping. The following factors play a decisive role:

  • The strapping must be in the right proportion to the size of the product or package to be strapped.
  • If the strap is oversized, it cannot be pretensioned without damaging the package. Even the strapping machine used cannot achieve the required pretension in this case. In this case, there is no elastic recovery of the strap.
  • The goods must be packed stable enough in relation to the strap or stable enough in themselves so that the pretensioning can be carried out via the machine.
  • Pay attention both to the weight of the package and to the stack weight, if applicaple, when loading the goods to be shipped.

Strapping: the perfect solution for many companies

Our customers are as diverse as our straps and our entire product portfolio. They are, for example, from the industrial sector, but resellers also rely on the high quality of Supra-Ratiopac. Our customers include various renowned companies from a wide variety of industries as well as several hundred packaging dealers in Germany and other countries. We subject all products that we manufacture or distribute ourselves to strict quality controls, so that you can rely on receiving first-class goods from us. In addition, we have extensive know-how and 50 years of company experience, so that with Supra-Ratiopac, you have a partner at your side who knows this industry and the corresponding solutions inside out and can provide the appropriate support for specific problems.


Strapping from the packaging expert: Your contact to Supra-Ratiopac

Our different straps convince by their excellent processing and the very good material quality. Only in this way can our customers rely on them in every situation. Thanks to the precise dimensioning of the straps, you can make the right choice for your strapping machine and at the same time easily calculate the required quantity. If you want to pack and strap your goods safely and store and transport them effectively, you can rely on Supra-Ratiopac's offers. Simply select the suitable straps from our selection for your company and receive further information on the respective subpage. We will gladly assist you if you have any questions about our product range or the application areas of our strapping solutions. We will provide you with comprehensive advice and offer you our expertise if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.