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Shrink film

Packaging solutions are often more varied than many people can imagine. Our company has an extensive range of strapping, tape and stretch film, so we have the right solution for every packaging problem. We do not only use the most important standard solutions in all areas but also offer our customers a wide range of high-quality special products. In the field of stretch films, for example, it is our shrink film, which we would like to present to you on this page in all its facets - from the areas of application to the advantages of the material used. Benefit from our expertise, which we have been bringing to the table as packaging experts since 1969 and are continuously expanding.


Shrink film for secure packaging

Shrink film is a popular packaging solution and is therefore widely used in various areas: it is one of the materials that has more than established itself for packaging, especially in mechanical engineering and other sectors of large-scale industry. First and foremost, shrink film is used for the secure packaging of pallet goods or larger machines. Goods packed with the film are reliably protected from dirt or weather-related influences (moisture, frost, hail, etc.), and greater stability can also be achieved with several individual parts. The denomination of this film variant is also based on the fact that it shrinks to a large extent during re-cooling after being warmed up - it literally "shrinks". As a result, the film adapts precisely to the contours of the packaged goods.


Areas of application for shrink film

Securing pallets in forwarding and logistics is certainly the largest part of the application areas for shrink film, but there are others: This type of film is also a proven solution in other areas of the economy, where there is a higher volume of transport. In addition to its weather-resistance, its use also supports the packaging of contingents - for example for end customers or various intermediaries. Shrink film is also appreciated by companies that work with paint-spray lines or other machines from all areas of machine construction and engineering.


PE-LD film: these are the advantages

Polyethylene (PE) is generally used in the manufacturing of shrink film. However, a distinction is made between different subtypes of this thermoplastic material. The film from our range consists of LDPE (also PE-LD). LD stands for "low density". This ensures a high degree of flexibility in the use of materials. In general, polyethylene impresses with its high elasticity, good sliding friction behaviour and good smoothness factor. The good electrical insulation properties in combination with a high chemical resistance to many oils, fats, acids and bases are also worth mentioning. Since PE films also do not absorb water and allow only very small amounts of water vapor to pass through, they are the right choice for protecting packaged goods from moisture and humidity.


Different variants of shrink film

Shrink film is also very versatile because it is available in different versions. For example, the user can opt for flat or semi-tubular shrink film if the shape and type of goods to be packaged are to be taken into account in the best way possible. Side gusset and shrink films are also available. These are designed to provide the desired stability on the respective lateral surfaces. This type of film is usually of particular interest to customers who rely on their own production of pallet hoods in their sector. Do you also need special variants of shrink film for your pallets? Then feel free to ask us for your individual requirements. We will inform you about the current availability and will certainly find the ideal solution for you. At Supra-Ratiopac we also have various pre-convectioned pallet hoods ready for the (palletized) goods to be turned over. These are extremely robust and stable, which is why they are used in stone pits, the construction materials trade or in mechanical engineering.


PE-LD and other films in tested quality

As our customer, you can be sure that all products that leave our factory in Cologne are subjected to strict quality testing - whether it is shrink film for pallets, other types of stretch film or various types of adhesive tape. This way it is always ensured that you receive first-class goods tested according to German standards when you choose products from Supra-Ratiopac Verpackungen GmbH. We offer all services from a single source, which comes into play not least when it comes to packaging solutions that we produce ourselves as a manufacturer. We - and ultimately our loyal customers - benefit from the extensive know-how of our employees and the decades of experience of our company, which has been active on the market since 1969. Since then, our company has become a renowned packaging expert, supplying companies from various industries with standardised packaging solutions on the one hand and placing great emphasis on the range of customer-specific products on the other. We always look ahead and keep up with the times! We question our processes and the infrastructure in our company and consistently implement sensible modernisations.

Shrink film at Supra-Ratiopac: How to contact us

Profit from the many years of experience of Supra-Ratiopac Verpackungen GmbH and obtain high-quality shrink film from your packaging expert in Cologne. Contact us and let us advise you in detail. In an individual consulation, we will analyse your requirements so that we can offer you a solution that is precisely tailored to your needs. Also take a look at the other products from our extensive range, which in addition to hand and machine stretch films also includes numerous adhesive tapes, strapping and various packaging materials. We are looking forward to your inquiry!