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Maintenance & Field Service

Maintenance & Field Service

Always there for you!

Machine maintenance - Our service technicians will come to you!

A thorough, professional maintenance and care is essential for the reliability and longevity of your stretch machine. Our service technicians are available to provide you with advice and assistance in order to optimise the service life of your machine and to answer all your technical questions.

You can also count on our experienced technician service if a wearing part of your stretch machine has to be replaced or you need a spare part.


Field service - consulting on site!

Our employees are on site for you - we guarantee you the best advice and support with our field service! Nowadays, many questions can be clarified quickly and uncomplicatedly by mail or on the phone, nevertheless, we at Supra-Ratiopac believe in communicating "face to face" with our customers. This is where our competent field staff comes into play. No matter whether it is the set-up of a stretch machine, adjustments of it or the advice regarding the right film, our experienced employees support and advise you where it makes sense - on site!


Contact us now and request advice

How can the field staff or service technicians of Supra-Ratiopac Verpackungen GmbH assist you? Does one of your packaging machines not work as desired or are there problems with a press proof? Get in touch with us to receive competent advice from our packaging experts.

We also visit you at your premise if required. We look forward to your enquiry.