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Other films

Our range of different films goes beyond hand and machine stretch films and is rounded off by bundle, pallet cover, shrink and perforated films. In the following overview you will find the most important information in brief. On each of the subpages we explain the individual film types in detail.

Bundel film

Bundle film is stretch film which is considerably thicker than the commercially available variants. It can be processed either with a horizontal winder or by hand. As a rule, it is used for packaging long products and serves as protection against bumps and cracks. Use it to bundle packages, construction parts and slats, cardboard boxes, textiles or other goods reliably and securely. With the bundle film you receive from us, you can also benefit from particularly easy handling: When the film is stretched or torn off after wrapping, it can simply be held by a ring.

Pallet cover film

Pallet cover film is the ideal protection for pallets and other shipping units. It protects goods against theft and soiling as well as against moisture when the covered pallet is transported in the rain. The film is simply placed on top before strapping or stretch wrapping and also impresses with its easy handling, which is ensured by a special tear-off perforation. The pallet cover film which is available from Supra-Ratiopac is particularly tear-resistant and ideally suited for the dimensions of euro pallets.


Shrink film

Shrink film is very widespread and is one of the most establishedpackaging materials, especially in mechanical engineering and other large industrial sectors. It is primarily used for the secure packaging of pallet goods or larger machines. This protects them from the weather and dirt, whilst also achieving greater stability  with several individual parts. By the way, the name shrink film or shrink wrap derives from the fact that the film shrinks strongly after heating and subsequent cooling and wraps itself precisely around contours of the goods.

Perforated film

As the name suggests, perforated film has lots of holes and is therefore suitable for palletizing all products that need to "breathe" through their packaging. The perforated structure ensures excellent air circulation. Accordingly, this film is used wherever the formation of condensation water is to be prevented, defrosting or freezing times are to be shortened or a perishable product is to be protected and kept fresh for longer. Find out more!

Any questions about our other films?

Select the desired type of film to obtain further information on the corresponding subpage. Do you also have questions about the other films from Supra-Ratiopac Verpackungen GmbH? Then please do not hesitate to contact us! Our experienced staff will be pleased to assist you with words and deeds.