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Green Products

Would you like to transport your goods and goods not only on the best quality of packaging materials, but also do something good for the environment? With the solutions we offer you at Supra-Ratiopac, you can choose the environmentally friendly alternative and don't have to worry about compromising quality. We sell environmentally friendly adhesive tape, air cushions, paper tape, stretch films and more - all from sustainable sources and ideal for a positive environmental balance! Below you will find all the information you need about our environmentally friendly range and specific product features.
Change today!

Supra Craft®

Our environmentally friendly Supra Craft tape is available in the basic colours white and brown - the former is usually difficult to find. The tape is ideal for sealing light to medium weight cartons. In addition to temperature resistance, the paper tape scores with reliable adhesion. We use natural rubber as the adhesive to ensure the sustainability of the product.



monta biopack® 860

An innovative novelty on the market is the self-adhesive monta biopack® 860, which is biodegradable and meets the requirements regarding ecotoxicity - it is the first adhesive tape that has received an eco-certification. You can use the eco-adhesive tape in packaging machines as well as with hand or table dispensers. It can also be used in many ways: no matter whether you want to seal cardboard boxes, foils or bags, with monta biopack® 860 you are on the safe side.



Paper air cushion

The paper-air cushion chains are made of 85% recycled paper, have a wafer-thin sealing layer of compostable bio-film and therefore consist entirely of compostable materials. These are even water-soluble if the product ends up in the ocean despite proper disposal. So you don't have to worry about the long-term consequences and can easily fit your parcels with the padded chains.

Organic bubble wrap

The bio air cushion products are both biodegradable and home compostable, i.e. the disposal can be carried out very easily. Certified by TÜV Austria. They can be purchased as upholstered chains or mats and thus secure lighter packaged goods, fill small cavities and use them as intermediate equipment, crossover stops or wrappers. Both types are perforated so that you can easily separate the individual parts.


Why sustainable packaging?

There are many reasons in favour of using environmentally friendly packaging materials - in addition to the obvious factor of a more positive environmental balance and less pollution, it often also contributes to a better image. Ultimately, environmental protection is more important than ever today and with these products you or your company can make a worthwhile contribution. Whether environmentally friendly adhesive tape, filling material made of recycled paper, particularly environmentally friendly stretch films or air cushions - sustainable packaging is worthwhile!

SpeedMan Box®

The SpeedMan BOX® is ideal for sending commercial, professional and private parcels - and it's absolutely environmentally friendly. The box is not only handy and space-saving, but also ready to go. Of course, it is 100% recycled paper, which has been awarded the Blue Angel, a certification for particularly environmentally friendly products. Of course, the boxes are still robust and can be used for shipping in the best possible way.

Paper document bag

Whether for sending delivery notes, shipping documents or invoices - the adhesive closure of our paper document pouches ensures that the documents arrive safely at the recipient in any case. The document bags are available in various sizes, including glassine and kraft paper. The paper in the document pouches is certified and thus obtained from responsibly managed forests.

Stretchplus HTB7

The pre-stretched HTB7 hand stretch film also scores with sustainability: since it has a savings potential of up to 70 % compared to other commercially available films, material consumption is reduced. As a result, it does not have to be reordered so often that it is not shipped. The film is also recyclable. With this hand-stretch film you can professionally secure your goods for transport.


Stretchplus MTC12 Bio

The MTC12BIO film has a CO2-free footprint - the first of its kind. It consists of over
50 % sugar cane and has the food contact certificate according to 10/2011 (EU). This film is a machine stretch film in coex quality - with all the associated and known advantages, including smoothness, adhesion and holding power.


Test packages and further information on environmentally friendly packaging material

The Supra-Ratiopac range is extensive - also in the sustainable area. As usual, we pay attention to high quality, while at the same time not losing sight of your needs. So we can offer you exactly what you need - and at fair prices. Individual packaging solutions are also often feasible. If you would like more detailed information on the individual products, simply take a look at the respective product page. There we have compiled everything again comprehensively for you. You will certainly find exactly what you are looking for. Do you still have questions about our environmentally friendly range or would you like a test package? No problem - our expert staff will be happy to help you. Simply contact us by e-mail or telephone. We look forward to hearing from you!