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Protective tape

Supra-Ratiopac is your packaging expert, with an extensive range of products, many years of experience and a versatile knowledge of the industry. We offer a wide range of standard solutions in the field of adhesive tapes and packaging films as well as a variety of special adhesive tapes. In this area, protective tape plays an important role, which is particularly convincing because it leaves no adhesive residue on the surface after use. On this page, we would like to inform you in detail about this type of adhesive tape and give you an understanding of the specific advantages as well as the products available from us.


You receive our PVC protective tape in blue with the dimensions 50 mm x 66 m. The following overview illustrates this and provides you with further information about our first-class product at a glance.

Protective tape

Dimensions50mm x 66m
Backing materialPVC
Type of adhesivenatural rubber

Protective tape for glass- and other works

Protective tape is mainly used in the window industry and generally in the glass industry. Plastering or gypsum works on real estate are also typical fields of application, since windows are covered with protective adhesive tape and the tape leaves practically no adhesive residue on the surface. This special tape is also used for other smooth surfaces (wood, aluminium ...). Specialists that frequently work with this specific type of adhesive tape also appreciate the fact that protective tapes are highly resistant to softening agents. They also bond reliably at relatively high or low temperatures and protect the material.

Protective tape: the ideal solution for sensitive surfaces

The great advantage of protective tape lies in the reliable protection of the respective area. Smooth and sensitive surfaces such as wood, aluminium or glass, for example, are optimally protected during painting work. The adhesive strength remains consistently high in all possible areas of application. In addition, the tape reliably keeps dirt and dust off, prevents damage and protects against other mechanical influences during production, further processing, storage, assembly or shipping. The bonded material is therefore protected from external influences on the one hand, and on the other hand the tape is absolutely gentle when removed, so that glass, wood and the like show no residues or traces of use after removal of the adhesive tape.


Protective tape at Supra-Ratiopac: order now!

The dark blue, transparent protective tape from our range consists of a rigid PVC film as carrier material and high-quality natural rubber adhesive. This is impressive due to its particularly short application time, i.e. the time that elapses before the final adhesive strength is reached - to name just one decisive advantage. The thickness of the tapes is 0.05 mm (50 µm), the core diameter has a standard dimension of 76 mm. Thanks to the special coating on the reverse side, this adhesive tape unrolls particularly easily.

Advantages of PVC protective tape with natural rubber adhesive

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a thermoplastic polymer. Together with polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), it is one of the most important polymers for plastics. Adhesive tape made of PVC, for example, outperforms PP tape due to its significantly quieter, lighter and more even unwinding qualities. With natural rubber, a natural product is used as an adhesive, which is much more environmentally friendly than other variants. To be more precise, this is the milky exudate of the rubber tree. This juice is also known as latex and becomes an absolutely reliable adhesive through the addition of resins.


Schutzband aus PVC sicher identifizieren

There is a simple test that can be used to quickly find out whether the adhesive tape at hand is made of PVC or PP. Since this can often not be established with the naked eye, the so-called piercing test is used. A pointed object such as a ballpoint pen is used to punch a hole in the adhesive tape, which must be stretched tightly. If the tape tears, it is probably the PP variant, since the tear resistance is only given lengthwise, but not in the transverse direction. PVC tape has both, so only a small hole would remain. On the one hand, you now know how you can reliably distinguish between the two materials, and on the other, why we exclusively use PVC for our protective adhesive tape.

Expert for protective tapes and more: Your contact to Supra-Ratiopac

Our company has been on the market for 50 years and is an experienced expert in various adhesive tapes such as the protective tape described above, stretch films and other packaging solutions. With our established brands, we are the competent partner for customers from a wide variety of sectors and can advise you comprehensively on all packaging issues. Our dedicated employees do their utmost to find a solution that meets the specific requirements and wishes of the customer. Contact Supra-Ratiopac now! We will gladly help you and find the ideal adhesive tape solution for your individual case.