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Printed PET strapping

Printed PET strapping and its special qualities

PET straps consist of polyethylene terephthalate. This versatile plastic is used in many areas because of its useful properties. It has a very high tear and tensile strength. For this reason, professionally strapped stacks of crates or pallets are extremely stable. The elasticity is lower than with PP straps. Therefore, PET strapping changes only marginally even during long storage periods or outdoor storage. PET is also a recommendable option for freight shipments that are on the move for many weeks and are reloaded several times, as the material is comparatively insensitive to changing weather conditions and corrosion. PET strapping is available in different widths with different tensile strengths. Select the version you need for your packaging and goods shipments. The same material properties apply to printed PET strapping as to unprinted strapping. The printing process does not change the qualities of the plastic.

PET strapping green

Dimensions12,5 x 0,6 mm
Length2.500 m
Tensile strenght290 Kg
Core diameter406 mm

PET strapping green

Dimensions15,5 x 0,6 mm
Length2.000 m
Tensile strength401 Kg
Core diameter406 mm

Contact us if you require individually printed PET strapping. We will gladly check your specifications and discuss the concrete implementation of your wishes. We look forward to receiving your specific enquiries.

Versatile applications for printed PET strapping

PET strapping is very versatile and suitable for various packaging purposes. This is why it is used in a wide variety of companies and industries. If you regularly send standard parcels or packages, strapping keeps the cardboard box securely closed and in shape. The contents are thus protected and cannot fall out. At the same time, the strap prevents unauthorised opening during transport. Narrow PET strapping - whether printed or unprinted - is very suitable for smaller items with little weight. The wider and stronger PET straps are designed for the reliable securing of larger pallet and carton stacks or heavy materials. To prevent tipping and slipping, the load should be secured both horizontally and vertically. This way, you get a properly secured load that can safely withstand full braking or reloading during transport.


Closures and strapping tools for PET strapping

Closures and a suitable strapping tool are required for strapping with PET straps. The strapping must be correctly applied and tightened. Finally, they are secured with a suitable closing technique. The selection of the strapping tool or machine depends on the material of the strap, the dimensions of the package and the purpose of transport. Models are available for manual, semi-automatic or automatic use. A simple hand tool is suitable for smaller packages. It is worth purchasing a strapping machine for companies that pack a lot of goods. Especially large and heavy loads are packed very precisely and reliably by using machine. The choice of closure depends primarily on the tensile force acting on the strap.


Innovative packaging solutions from Supra-Ratiopac

We have been offering our customers high quality packaging materials and accessories for decades. Due to our many years of experience we know: The packaging solutions of today differ from those of our starting years. For example, the materials themselves have already changed: They have become more efficient and versatile. In addition, the environmental aspect is playing an increasingly important role. Manufacturing processes and disposal methods should be as environmentally friendly as possible. At Supra-Ratiopac, we take environmental protection very seriously and adapt our production processes so that they always meet the latest standards. Customisation is another point that is becoming increasingly important for our customers. Tailor-made packaging solutions are therefore just as much a part of our extensive range as individualised packaging materials.


Printed PET Strapping: We answer your questions

Would you like to know more? Send us an e-mail or give us a call if you are interested in our PET strapping (whether printed or unprinted). We will help you to choose exactly the variant that is best suited for your purposes. Get consulted by us on which design and width best secures your goods and merchandise. Our experienced staff will also help you select the right accessories and closures. Contact us if you require custom printing onto our PET strapping. Together with you, we will find the best solution for you and your company.