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Printed strapping

Strapping is a very practical way to professionally secure packages, cartons or pallets for transport or storage. Compared to adhesive tapes, strapping tapes have the advantage that they leave no traces of adhesive. The tapes are easy and clean to remove when unpacking. Compared to stretch films, they require less material when securing cardboard or pallet stacks. The straps are quick to put on and cause less waste after use. Nevertheless, they will secure your goods with absolute reliability when used correctly. Printed strapping is available in different colours, widths and materials. Therefore, the right strap is available for every packaging purpose. In addition, you can order printed strapping from us, which we will add graphics or text onto according to your specifications.

Printed strapping: pack and transport goods securely

Our strapping helps you to safely transport goods over short or long distances. Transport safety in public transport is particularly important. Here, the legislator has laid down clear regulations to reduce the risk of accidents due to poorly secured loads. Good strapping reliably holds boxes or pallets together, even in the event of abrupt braking, so that they cannot cause any damage to their surroundings. At the same time, their contents are protected from damage. Strapping also makes it more difficult to open the load without authorization. Printed strapping is also suitable for packing objects or crates that you want to transport within the company - for example brochures, boards or packaging material for disposal. Strapping creates a stable stack in no time at all, which can be conveniently transported to the desired destination.


Choosing the right strapping

If you want to order strapping from us, you have the choice: Plain and printed strapping are available in numerous ways. Before buying, it is worthwhile to carefully consider which strap is best suited to your packaging and transport needs. The most important criterion is the material. Printed plastic straps are made of either polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET). Compared to steel straps, they are lighter and easier to handle. On the respective subpages, you will find detailed information about the different variants that we at Supra-Ratiopac have ready for you.


Show your colours with printed strapping band

Use powerful strapping to draw attention to yourself and your company. We offer black PP strapping as well as PET strapping in green, which can be individually designed by printing onto. We will gladly check your enquiries about our printed strapping and discuss the implementation with you. Whether company name, slogan or logo - printed strapping creates interest in the viewer. Your parcels and consignments stand out from the crowd. The advantage for your customers: One immediately recognizes who the shipment comes from.

Contact us if you are interested in this attractive packaging option. We will check your specifications and discuss with you how to implement your wishes the best way possible.


Packing correctly with strapping

In order to secure your goods correctly with strapping, you need suitable equipment. The straps should be tightened without damaging the boxes, pallets or goods. For small shipments, it is often sufficient to attach a single strap horizontally or vertically. Strapping in both directions are required to secure large and heavy loads. That is the only way to ensure that your goods do not slip or fall apart during transport. Our printed strapping must first be tightened and then closed. An appropriate tool or machine will help you to do this. A manual strapping tool is sufficient for the occasional use of strapping. A semi-automatic or fully automatic strapping machine is recommended If you pack regularly and frequently or if you dispatch large consignments of goods. There are different possibilities for sealing strapping, for example the use of clamps or sleeves or heat-sealing the band. The suitable type of closing depends on the material of the strap and the strength of the load.

Mobile and handy - Strapping for quick use

Strapping does not always have to withstand very high forces. There are also applications in which packing must be as simple and quick as possible. This includes internal transport processes, for example when you dispose of empty cardboard stacks. For such short transport distances or the quick packing of smaller packages, we offer you practical strapping sets containing straps and buckles. With this set you can reliably strap bundles and cartons without additional equipment. This user-friendly and handy strapping method is also ideal if you only work with strapping occasionally and the purchase of larger quantities of material is not worthwhile.


Printed strapping: proven quality and individual design

Our company has been offering high-quality and reliable packaging materials for almost 50 years. We know how important consistently high quality is for our customers. We continuously develop our packaging solutions further to ensure that our strapping always meets the latest requirements. After all, there are always new materials that are becoming ever more efficient and are less harmful to the environment. With us, you have the choice: Do you opt for our reliable standard products or do you prefer tailor-made, individual packaging options? In any case, you get high-performance solutions and sophisticated packaging systems "made in Germany". Our strapping is produced with extensive technical know-how and great care.


Order straps from Supra-Ratiopac

Regardless of whether you have a brief enquiry or would like detailed advice: Our experienced and well-trained staff will gladly help you. Simply tell us which packaging or transport purpose you need strapping for. We will show you the suitable products from our range. Of course, we will also give you detailed advice if you are looking for the right strapping system for your straps. We will discuss with you how to realize your ideas the best way possible. Get in touch with us now if you would like to order printed strapping. Our team is looking forward to your enquiry.