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Printed PP strapping

Our PP strapping is one of the most versatile and popular packaging straps. Printed PP strapping is characterised by its individual design possibilities. Simply get the strap printed with your slogan or company name! Your shipments will not only look professional, but will also stand out from the crowd. For internal use, differently printed PP strapping is suitable as an organisational feature. Packaged boxes can be distinguished from each other at one glance - a practical aid for storage and logistical purposes. PP strapping is particularly suitable for lighter consignments and short transport distances. It is easy to stretch and work with. Because of the different widths and thicknesses of the PP strapping available in our range, you can find exactly the product that is best suited for you.

The products

All colors that can be assigned according to the international Pantone Matching System (PMS) are available for printing.

PP strapping black

Dimensions12 x 0,5 mm
Length1.000 m
Tensile strength100 Kg

PP strapping black

Dimensions12,7 x 0,73 mm
Length2000 m
Tensile strength226 Kg
Core diameter406 mm

PP strapping black

Dimensions12 x 0,55 mm
Length3.000 m
Tensile strength125 Kg
Core diameter200 mm

PP strapping black

Dimensions12 x 0,63 mm
Length3.000 m
Tensile strength100 Kg
Core diameter200 mm

Printed PP strapping: practical and user-friendly

The abbreviation PP stands for polypropylene. This material is one of the most important modern types of plastic and is used for many purposes. PP strapping - whether printed or unprinted - is one of the most inexpensive packaging solutions. Strapping requires less material than many other packaging techniques and is quick and easy. It protects a consignment from unauthorised opening during transport. A decisive advantage over sealing with glued seals is that there is no adhesive residue after unpacking. Your customer can open the parcel quickly and easily. The narrow straps are also easy to dispose of. Compared to other types of plastic, polypropylene can be recycled relatively easily. If properly disposed of, printed PP strapping can be recycled and used to manufacture new plastic items.


Which packaging purposes is PP tape suitable for?

PP strapping is the most popular way to bundle stacks of magazines or brochures. The printed products are quickly strapped and can be delivered immediately. The PP strap reliably protects the stack from falling apart.

This is how PP strapping is processed

Strap several sides to create bundles of many individual parts. This prevents them from slipping during transport. However, often there’s only one strap required to prevent boxes from opening unintentionally when shipping lighter parcels and packages. Polypropylene strapping is popular for in-house use because of its simple and time-saving handling. For example, bundle empty cartons for transport to waste disposal. Securing light pallet loads in your own warehouse is another way to use the practical PP straps.


Use printed PP strapping correctly

You also need suitable closures besides suitable packing straps for professional strapping. Clamps, sleeves or seals are used depending on the expected load when using PP strapping. In addition, the straps can be spot-welded. The best strapping solution depends on your actual packaging requirements. A strapping machine that works evenly and accurately is recommended if you pack regularly and a lot. For mobile or occasional use, there are handy devices that you can strap a package with quickly.


Printed PP strapping from the packaging expert

PP strapping and strapping systems from Supra-Ratiopac are a great choice. We have been producing proven packaging materials and sophisticated packaging solutions for you for decades. We produce high-quality packaging adhesive tapes according to the current state of the art – and also "made in Germany". Customer satisfaction and environmental protection are particularly important to us. This is why we are constantly developing ourselves further in order to further optimise our production processes and products. We want to address a wide audience with our packaging solutions. This is why we offer a wide range of products. No matter which product you choose - at Supra-Ratiopac you get reliable quality from the packaging expert from Cologne.

Consultation and service from our team

Would you like to know more about printed PP strapping? Our dedicated and experienced staff will answer your questions about our strapping and other packaging solutions. Polypropylene strapping is available in many different versions and each has its own strengths and benefits. Let us consult you on which straps are particularly suitable for your packaging purposes. Of course, we will help you select the right equipment and closure options. Let us know how you would like to design your printed PP strapping. We will check each individual request in order to clarify whether and how your wishes can be realised. Feel free to contact us by e-mail or give us a call. We look forward to receiving your enquiry about our products.