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Stretch machines

efficient helpers for dispatch and storage

Anyone who regularly needs to pack lots of goods to be conveyed, knows how useful stretch machines are in their daily work. These modern machines facilitate and optimise work. Large quantities of cargo can be carefully secured with little effort. After all, perfect packaging is a prerequisite for ensuring that the goods go on their safe journey and arrive at their destination. This applies to all types of pallet freight, e.g. heavy, voluminous or bulky goods. Load securing is an important issue for all companies that frequently transport pallet goods or have them transported. Time and again, there can be movements within the packaged goods on long transport routes - for example due to braking or vibrations. In such cases, you have to be able to rely on the stretch film. Last but not least, the condition of your consignments determines what impression you make on your customers. Professionally stretched pallets with flawless goods ensure customer satisfaction and fewer complaints.

Ratiostretch RS10

Lenght2.425 mm
Width1.500 mm
Turntable diameter1.500 mm
Turntable hight66 mm
Pole hight2.000 mm
Max. palette dimensions1.200 x 800 mm
Max. palette hight1.900 mm
Max. palette weight1.500 Kg
Voltage230 V, 50Hz, 16A

Ratiostretch RS16

Length2.500 mm
Width1.650 mm
Turntable diameter1. 650 mm
Turntable hight75 mm
Pole hight2.200 mm
Max. palette dimensions1.200 x 1.000 mm
Max. palette hight2.100 mm
Max. palette weight2000 Kg
Voltage230v, 300MA

Stretch machines from Supra-Ratiopac: Preparing goods properly for transport

It is impossible to imagine logistics and the transport of goods without the stretching of goods. Thanks to high-performance stretch films, loaded pallets can be transported safely and securely. Properly stretched cargo does not slip or fall off, which is an important contribution to load securing during transport. Although stretch wrapping is the standard in many trade and industrial sectors, the different types of stretch film and wrapping techniques vary. The size and weight of the consignments are a decisive factor in the choice of the wrapping method. For example, heavy building material loads require more resilient packaging than a pallet of lightly filled cardboard boxes. Stretch machines facilitate proper and consistent stretching with the film. A further reason for the widespread use of stretch films is their protective function, as overlapping layers of the stretchable plastic film reliably repel moisture and dust during transport. Dark films offer additional visual protection and it is also possible to provide the films with UV protection in order to reliably protect light-sensitive goods.


Machine stretching: These are the advantages

When it comes to the professional processing of stretch films, a distinction is made between two options: the manual and machine version. Stretching by hand is suitable for smaller consignments. It is also used if there is no need for regular packing, if there is no space for a stretch machine or if stretching is to take place at different locations. However, if your company prepares a large quantity of goods for dispatch every day, it is worth purchasing a stretch machine. After all, machine stretching offers a number of advantages over manual stretching. Pallet wrappers work with a precision that cannot be achieved with manual stretching in the long run. At the same time, they work faster, saving you valuable time. The workload for the employees is noticeably reduced. You can therefore use their manpower for other purposes. A machine also optimizes film consumption, making it resource-friendly. The pallet is stretched exactly as required by the transport and storage conditions. This way, you only use as much stretch film as is actually required.

Compare and select stretch machines

In order for you to take full advantage of your stretch machine, a number of considerations need to be taken into account before making a purchase decision. In addition to the realistic estimation of the daily packaging requirements, the calculation of the material and personnel costs as well as the logistics is important. Then you can select the right machine for your company. Modern stretch machines are true all-rounders: they work precisely and reliably. You can learn how to operate them quickly; film changes and maintenance work can be carried out swiftly. Find out more about our services in the section on maintenance and field service. Various programs allow you to select the appropriate winding technology and working speed. An essential quality feature is occupational safety. After all, your employees should be able to carry out their work without the risk of injury. For this reason, our stretch machines are equipped with various safety devices. In addition, they enable ergonomic working to prevent signs of fatigue. Our quality machines are tested and meet the latest technical standards.

Stretch winder RS 10: ideal stretch machine for small and medium-sized companies

Our compact stretch winder RS 10 is an extremely reliable helper for stretching pallets and cargo. In this semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine, the lifting carriage is located inside a casing. This prevents unwanted contact and significantly improves work safety. In addition, the carriage and its mechanics are better protected against dirt. The film rolls can be changed quickly and easily. The film winder is controlled by means of a clearly arranged control panel. Easy to understand symbols enable the selection of the desired functions and reduce the risk of operating errors to a minimum.

The RS 10 stretch winder offers a variety of wrapping programs so that you can pack your goods correctly. The number of wrappings from the top of the pallet to the foot of the pallet can be precisely determined. In addition, you can adjust thespeeds of the turntable and the lifting carriage. Thanks to these adjustment options, the stretch machine is suitable for packing different pallet goods and always delivers reliable work.

Stretch winder RS 16: modern technology for efficient working

Our model RS 16 convinces by its versatility and user friendliness. The semi-automatic stretch winder is state of the art and offers a wide range of adjustment options. You have the choice between programmed or manual operation. In addition to the basic program, there are memory capacities for your operation-specific settings. Thanks to the photocell, variable speed options and an electromagnetic brake, the device works very precisely. The packaged goods are stretched exactly according to the selected specifications with the desired film tension.

Due to its sturdy design, the RS 16 stretch winder is suitable for a high workload. Its operation is deliberately kept simple in order to minimize the possibility of operating errors. Easy-to-understand symbols on the control panel make it easier to familiarise new employees with the system. If required, you can expand your RS 16 stretch winder with optional accessories.

Supra-Ratiopac: reliable stretch machines from the packaging expert

Take advantage of being able to purchase machine stretch films and stretch machines from a single source. Our company has been active for a long time and offers high-quality packaging solutions to customers from a wide variety of industries. We know what is important when it comes to packing and packaging. Our extensive range of stretch films, adhesive tapes and strapping as well as accessories has been continuously developed over the years. During this time, we have continuously improved our products and adapted them to the requirements of the market. When it comes to our packaging materials, we attach great importance to sustainable production methods. Our accessories and equipment are robust and user-friendly. The Supra-Ratiopac stretch winders cover the requirements of a wide range of customers. The machines are very reliable and offer various options to adapt to specific local requirements. If you are planning to purchase a stretch machine, you will receive comprehensive advice from us. And we are also at your disposal for care and maintenance after the purchase.

Professional advice from our service team

We gladly answer your questions about our high-quality stretch machines. Let us know what your company's packaging needs are. We will support you in the selection of a suitable machine. Of course, we will also advise you on ordering the right stretch films for your machine. Standard machine stretch films and pre-stretched variants can be found in our range, as can high-performance stretch films. Get in touch with your contact person at Supra-Ratiopac now - we are looking forward to your inquiry!