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Supra-Ratiopac Verpackungen GmbH (Ltd.) from Cologne is your first choice contact for all things packaging.

A significant part of our product portfolio which offers high-quality, individual solutions, is the PP-tape made from polyprolyene. You can choose from three varieties of colour: white, brown and transparent.

Companies who are in the mail-order business but also other corporations that require constant packaging, find our first-class adhesive tapes to be the ideal, affordable solution.



Supra Tec

Our classic witth 28µ foil.

Backing materialPP
Type of adhesiveacrylate
Noise levellow
Overall strength44µ
Fibre reinforced optionyes

Supra Pro

Reinforced 32µ foil.

Backing materialPP
Type of adhesiveacrylate
Noise levellow
Overall strength54µ
Fibre reinforced optionyes

Supra Pro Extra

Higher adhesive application.

Backing materialPP
Type of adhesiveacrylate
Noise levellow
Overall strength58µ
Fibre reinforced optionyes

Supra Lux

Our PP all-rounder.

Backing materialPP
Type of adhesivenatural rubber
Noise levellow
Overall strength44µ
Fibre reinforced optionyes

Supra Pac

Excellent adhesive strenght due to hotmelt glue.

Backing materialPP
Type of adhesivehotmelt
Noise levelloud
Overall strength46µ
Fibre reinforced optionyes

Supra Soft

Velvety soft surface.

Backing materialPP
Type of adhesiveacrylate
Noise levellow
Overall strength59µ
Fibre reinforced optionno

PP-tape and its advantages

PP-tape is the perfect choice for machine packing. Among other things, this is due to its special resistance regarding cutting and pulling. There are three different adhesive types of polypropylene tape that you can choose from. You'll find a detailed description down below.  Thanks to our in-house printing plant at our site in Cologne, we can monitor the entire production process and quality of our products and can step in immediately, if necessary. This way, we produce around 15 million square metres of tape on our 20 printing units, which truthfully deserve to be rated "Made in Germany".

PP-tape Supra Tec, Supra Pac and co.: our brands at a glance

The listing below gives you more information on the different qualities of the brands which we offer regarding PP-tape. Crucial factors are, for example, the unrolling noises, the type of adhesive used or its adhesive strength, lying between 44 and 58 µ. Furthermore, you have the choice between three colours or types, which are all fibre reinforced: white, brown and transparent.

By means of the provided data sheets, we can give you further information on our polypropylene solutions Supra Tec, Supra Star, Supra Lux etc. You receive our standard tapes with a lenght of 66 m. However, we can also actualise other lengths on demand. Please feel free to contact us! Our in-house printing plant enables us to work in a very flexible manner and to focus on customer requests. We gladly approach your specific wishes.

Adhesive types of PP-tapes

acrylate, hot melt and natural rubber

At Supra-Ratiopac Verpackungen GmbH, you can get PP-tape in three different adhesive types: acrylate, hot melt and natural rubber.


The version with acrylate glue is characterised by an especially low-noise and smooth unrolling, as well as great tensile strength.
The initial adhesive power is lower though. Therefore, tapes with acrylate glue are not suitable for usage on rough surfaces. The adhesion of the tape to the packaging gradually improves. 
We recommend temperatures between +15 and +25 C° regarding the storage and usage.


Tapes with hotmelt glue are the best choice when looking for a solution with high initial adhesive power. This option has great, reliable staying power on comparatively uneven surfaces and card boards of lesser quality. Hotmelt tapes are even a reliable choice for card boxes made from recycled materials. Therefore, such tapes are often used for packing by machines. There is one downside, however: PP-tapes with hotmelt adhesive are comparatively noisy when unrolling.

Natural rubber

The characteristics of tapes with natural rubber as adhesive material are quite comparable to those with PVC.
It unrolls easily and with low noise and can also be stretched to a certain degree.
Tapes made from natural rubber can be used for packages up to a weight of 20kg max. and adhere very well on various surfaces.

Low- and loud-noise PP-tape

Anyone who worked in a warehouse or the shipment departmt of a bigger retailer knows it: The mass unrolling of tape often causes an enormous level of noise which certainly puts a lof of strain on the staff.

This is especially the case in places where not only a few parcels are packed - but hundreds, if not thousands. A damaged working atmosphere can quickly result from this. With one glance at our product lists, you will find that most of our PP-tapes are low-noise options. The issue of noise pollution is irrelevant here.

But we also offer a special tape dispenser that distinctly lowers the noise when unrolling tapes that are usually louder like Supra Star and Supra Pac. Therewith, we provide companies with a pleasant noise level at the work space. Your employees will appreciate it!

The test: When do I have tape made from polypropylene (PP) in front of me?

Did you know there are simple methods to find out if you have PP-tape in front of you?

For one of them, you do not need anything but a ballpoint pen or a similarly sharp object (for example a screwdriver). Pull and tighten the tape and jab the sharp object through it. If the tape doesn't rip completely but only a hole occures, it is likely that it isn't PP-tape but tape made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

PP-tape will tear at this attempt, as it only holds a great resistance lenghtwise. The resistance of PVC-film, however, is distributed evenly in all directions. Therfore, PP-tape can be regarded as an affordable alternative for PVC and should only be used for light to medium-heavy parcels and packages.

Get PP-tape printed individually

Supra-Ratiopac is also your partner when you want to get PP-tape printed according to your specifications. We offer a great selection of colours and design options. With our aid, you can turn 66 m of simple adhesive tape into 66 m of advertising space! Find more detailed information on the page Printed PP-tape.

Order PP-tape from the packaging expert from Cologne right now

Which PP-tape is the right one for your individual needs? Contact us now for a comprehensive consultation. Together, we will identify which colour, width and length are the ideal choice for your needs. Due to our expertise that we have built over many years, as well as a sophisticated and modern infrastructure, we can comply with all of your wishes. We have been an incumbent firm since the 1960s and have become one of the leading manufacturers for packaging solutions. Additionally to the comprehensive know-how of our well-trained staff, we make forward-looking investments in the areas of automation, process safety and productivity, so that you can rely on the highest quality at decent price levels at Supra-Ratiopac Verpackungen GmbH. Please get in touch - we are looking forward to your enquiry!