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The product range from Supra-Ratiopac, your packaging expert and reliable contact from Cologne, includes top-quality solutions: Besides PP-tape and paper tape, we also offer the especially sturdy PVC-tape, meaning adhesive tape made from
polyvinyl chloride.
The backing material is available in different base colours. Regular shipping takes place in many businesses, for example in the area of mail-order. Do you also belong to those companies who regularly deliver goods to customers? In that case, look no further!

Find out more about our top-quality adhesive tapes and make your choice with the aid of our competent assistance to comply with all of your wishes.



Supra Band

PVC- all-rounder for all surfaces.

Backing materialPVC
Type of adhesivenatural rubber
Overall strength56µ
Fibre reinforced optionyes

Supra Band 124

Extra strong PVC with 45µ foil.

Backing materialPVC
Type of adhesivenatural rubber
Overall strength68µ
Fibre reinforced optionyes

Supra Band 260

Our strongest PVC with 60µ foil.

Backing materialPVC
Type of adhesivenatural rubber
Overall strength80µ
Fibre reinforced optionyes

Supra Flex

Easy unrolling due to its embossed structure.

Backing materialEmbossed-PVC
Type of adhesivenatural rubber
Overall strength53µ
Fibre reinforced optionno

PVC-tape – the sturdy all-rounder

PVC-tape from Supra Ratiopac is "made in Germany" and will satisfy you with its high quality. After all, no other adhesive tape is as hard-wearing, its tensile strength is virtually second to none. Therefore, it is even suitable for the packing of medium- to heavy-weight goods up to 30 kg. At our company, you can get adhesive tape made from PVC with the best sealing qualities, which adheres to nearly all surfaces securely - whether it is cardboard, wood, plastic or metal like aluminium. Additionally, you may receive the tape in an embossed finish by request. We check the manufacturing process and respectively the quality of our products continuously at our in-house printing plant in Cologne and can therefore keep their quality at the hightest possible standard.

Our PVC-tape brands Supra Flex, Supra Band and co. at a glance

In the area of PVC-tapes, we offer you a selection of our own brand from which you can choose the suitable option to meet your needs. Only you decide which qualifications the adhesive tape made from PVC should fulfil. We also gladly consult with you and find the best solution for your individual case. For example, the noise level or the particular strength can be decisive factors.
Regarding the strengths, you can choose from options between 56 to 80 µ. Besides, most options are available in a fibre reinforced option. By default, we offer three base colours: white, brown and transparent. Usually our tape rolls have a length of 66 m, however, we can also realise other lengths on request. Please get in touch with our experienced team!

Low-noise and even unrolling with PVC-tape

Overall, PVC adhesive tape unrolls more quietly than PP-tape. Furthermore, it unrolls very easily and evenly.
Members of staff who pack parcels the entire day in the mailing department are not only confronted with excessive noise all year, but also with fine dust and exhaust fumes. Clearly, these strains can have an enormous effect on their health and may cause greater damage over time. Adhesive tape which unrolls at a low-noise level are the product of choice in this case. It is indispensible for the regular and especially automatic packaging of products!
Take a look at our product range and compare the different qualities of the adhesive tapes on offer. PVC lends itself in the case mentioned above due to its advantages.
Our brands for low-noise unrolling are: SupraBrand in three finishes as well as the embossed Supra Flex.

We can also gladly provide you with various tape dispensers if you are looking for further ways to reduce the noise level etc.

Environmentally-friendly natural rubber as adhesive for PVC-tape

Naturall rubber is excusively used as adhesive for PVC backing films.
As the name suggests, natural rubber is a natural product. Therefore, it is the most environmentally-friendly type of adhesive. But what exactly is caoutchouc?
In fact, it is the milky colloid from the rubber tree, also called latex. The finished adhesive also consists of synthetic resin and offers secure and reliable hold.

Another advantage: PVC-tape with natural rubber unrolls easily, quietly and evenly, which is a real bonus for companies where packing happens on a grand scale.

The material test: How do I identify PVC-tape?

At first glance, the different types of adhesive tapes aren't easily distinguishable. So what can you do to find out which material a tape on hand is made from?
This can be distinguished very quickly and easily. Specifically, with the so called prick test.
For this purpose, take a normal ballpoint pen or another sharp object. Unroll a piece of adhesive tape and hold it tight. Afterwards, jab through the tape with the object. If it tears, you most likely have a tape made from polyprolyne (PP) in front of you, as its resitance is only given lengthwise and not crosswise. If only a hole appears, the tape is probably made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) as its resistance is distributed evenly in all directions.

Now you know whether you have PVC in front of you and if you can use it for medium- to heavy-weight parcels in good conscience, as well as on almost all surfaces imaginable.

Get adhesive tape customised with own company logo?

Supra Ratiopac is also the right partner for you if you decide to get your prefered adhesive tape printed. The design options start with choosing from our extensive colour range and beyond that, there is a number of other design options to accentuate your company logo or advertising slogan on PVC-tape. Get informed today and acquire entire 66 m of advertising space per tape roll which you can design completely to your liking. Simply visit our Printed PVC-tape page if you want to know more. Here we have all the necessary information depicted for you.

Order PVC-tape from the packaging expert right now

Do you have specific, very distinct demands regarding the PVC-tape that you use?
We are at your disposal with our expert knowledge for all of your individual wishes. Please get in touch for a professional and personal consultation. It is our goal to meet your requirements. We gladly support you concerning the choice of base colours, band width and length, if you like.
This can be rendered possible due to our many years of experience in the world of packaging as well as the sophisticated infrastructure we have established in the South of Cologne.
In this context, we also do not lose track of the crucial cost factor. On the one hand, this is due to our large and modern machinery, on the other hand, it is because of our qualified employees with their comprehensive know-how.
Supra-Ratiopac Verpackungen GmbH (Ltd.) produces in accordance with state-of-the-art production methods. This results in the hightest quality for your individual packing solutions.

Let us know your queries now - we are looking forward for you to get in touch!