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Paper tape

Every company in which cardboard boxes are regularly packed and posted has to give thought to sealing them the best way possible in order for them to safely travel the dispatch route and arrive at the recipient damage-free. For instance, firms with their own shipping department have therefore found an ideal partner in Supra-Ratiopac Verpackungen GmbH from Cologne. We offer an extensive product range of high-quality packaging material. Besides adhesive tapes made from PP or PVC, we also provide recyclable paper tape which we'd like to inform you on further on this site. We have adhesive tape with this backing material in the base colours white and brown in stock. Especially the former is difficult to find on the market. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to get to know more about our top-quality products. We gladly assist you in choosing the right items for your needs!


Supra Craft

Our most environmentally-friendly adhesive tape.

Backing materialpaper
Type of adhesivenatural rubber
Overall strength135µ
Fibre reinforced optionyes

Supra Paper

The lower-cost alternative with hotmelt glue.

Backing materialpaper
Type of adhesivehotmelt
Overall strength105µ
Fibre reinforced optionyes

Paper tape and all that you need to know about it

Paper adhesive tape, that we rank among craft tape, is ideal for the packaging of light to medium-heavy cardboard boxes. Among other things, paper as backing material convinces through its sustainability. The material is also elastic and adheres reliably on different cardboard types. Another advantage is the possibility to get the tape printed, if this is desired or necessary.
(You can find more information in the section "Printed adhesive tape".)
Furthermore, paper tape has the advantage of posessing a great temperature resistance.

Your brand for high-quality paper tape: SupraCraft

When it comes to paper adhesive tape, we can offer you our own brand SupraCraft. The combination of paper as backing material and natural rubber as the type of adhesive offers many advantages:
Especially its sustainability and the low-noise level of unrolling should be hightlighted. The strength of our adhesive tape made from paper amounts to 135 µ, in addition, it withstands extreme temperatures up to +70 °C and respectively -30 °C at least for a short time. We also offer our paper tape in a fibre reinforced option and are counted among the absolute experts in this area nationwide. Which tape is the correct choice for you based on its features depends on your individual demands and requirements.

Our competent staff in Cologne gladly consults with you more comprehensively, in case you wish further assistance.

Hotmelt-glue as new type of adhesive

Hotmelt, as an alternative to natural rubber, is a synthetic coutchouc which possesses a great initial adhesion.
It is the right choice for cardboard surfaces of lesser quality, which can also be uneven. You can even use it risk-free on recycled cardboard boxes. For this reason, these adhesive tapes are utilized everywhere in automatic packing.
However, it should not go unmentioned that paper tape with hotmelt is always exhibiting a somewhat louder unrolling in comparison to natural rubber.

Get adhesive tape individually designed and printed

What is easier and more impactfull than advertisment on packing tape? You could possibly even save money for brochures or other print material. You also get the chance to strenghten your already established brand even further if you decide to get our paper tape printed for your individual needs. Supra-Ratiopac is your partner for this project!
A professional appearance works wonders at the clients' site. After all, the visibility and perception of your company increases immensly trough the use of our many design options. Whether you prefer the print of your company logo or your own slogan - paper tape is very well suited for all types of customisation. You can even put notes in reference to your articles or that are of importance to the customer on the tape. Why don't you consider how to use the free advertising space on your tape best right today? More details about this sercive can be found on our site for printed paper tape.

Paper tape „made in Germany“

Just like all of our other adhesive tape solutions, we also handle our paper tapes on modern print plants at our premises in Cologne.
Since we manufacture in-house and can monitor the production quality of our packaging solutions at all times, you truly receive first-class items at Supra-Ratiopac that are "made in Germany".

Paper tape in various colours

You should select the base colour and width of your tape before you decide on a design for our craft tape. We are especially proud to be one of the leading supplieres who can offer white as a base colour. White paper tape is truly not a standardised product but virtually a specialty.
We strenghten the ecological aspect even further as we excusively print our craft tapes with watercolours.
These colours are especially eco-friendly, as they are solvent-free.

This way we live up to our responsibility as an environmentally sustainable company and contribute to a better future for our planet.

Order paper tape of excellent quality right here

Use our website to gain an overview of our product range on offer and select your desired paper tape option. We also gladly assist you in making the right selection if you are undecided. We have an extensive know-how and many years of experience in the area of packaging products and can therefore also find the right solution for your individual needs.

Get in touch with us and benefit from a personal and equally competetent consultation!

Supra-Ratiopac Verpackungen GmbH is always up-to-date with the latest technology and delivers the highest quality. Please also ask for our many other adhesive tape and packaging solutions, for example PVC-tape or PP-tape!

We are looking forward to your enquiry per e-mail or by phone.