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SpeedMan Box® Paper dispenser box

As an experienced packaging expert from the Rhineland, we are aware of the ever-growing challenge of offering not only effective but also environmentally and climate-friendly solutions. The packaging industry in particular is sitting at a long lever in this respect, with which a lot can be achieved in terms of protecting our planet. We at Supra-Ratiopac see this as a responsibility that we are happy to accept and we live up to it in our daily work. That's why we have a variety of different environmentally friendly products in our range - for example the SpeedMan Box® paper dispenser box, which we would like to introduce to you on this page.

Environmentally friendly packaging with the SpeedMan Box® paper dispenser

If you're looking for an environmentally friendly packaging solution that is both environmentally friendly and easy to use, the SpeedMan Box® paper dispenser is the right choice for you. The sustainable packaging material used here is equally suitable for professional e-commerce needs and occasional private parcel shipping. For example, equip your company's mailroom or sample dispatch with the SpeedMan Box® and ensure smooth processes there. This unique solution can also be used in mobile emergency vehicles or courier services, for example, when sending returns.

How exactly does the SpeedMan Box® paper dispensing box work?

At first glance, the SpeedMan Box® paper dispenser is just a plain cardboard box. It has a footprint of just 30 x 40 cm, so it can be easily used at a wide variety of workstations. Just pull out the pre-perforated ring, remove the inner cardboard roll and you're ready to start packing safely. Simply pull out as much paper as you need for the next package and tear it off at any point. This is child's play, you do not need any cutting or unrolling devices. The filling paper used is exclusively recycled paper. The use of optical brighteners or harmful finishing agents has been completely avoided. The pulled out paper tubes can be used in many different ways and fill the empty space in your shipping box perfectly, so that the goods to be shipped are optimally protected and arrive undamaged at the recipient.

Sustainable packaging material: immediately ready for your needs

The SpeedMan Box® paper dispenser is not only practical and extremely space-saving - a major advantage is that it is ready for immediate use without any tools. No matter where you place it: on or next to the packing table or on the shelf above the packing station. You simply unpack the dispenser box, tear it open, pull out the paper and tear off exactly as much as you need. The next step is to directly fill the dispenser box with filling paper (special recycled paper).

Our tip: To cushion the box, wrap a snail from the paper tube and place the goods to be packed under or over it. This way, your shipping goods are protected in an environmentally friendly way in no time at all - even if the products to be delivered are small, large, shapeless or heavy.

Sustainable packaging material is the trend!

Recycled paper is not only used as filling paper - daily newspapers, pizza boxes or hygiene papers are also produced in an environmentally friendly way from paper that has already been used. This variant does not have to hide behind newly produced paper. Especially with regard to the use of natural resources, the advantage is of course immense: no overexploitation of forests is necessary, and in addition, water and energy savings of around 60% are achieved compared to virgin fibre paper. Due to these positive properties, recycled paper has already achieved a market share of 80% in Germany - and the trend is still rising.

Sustainable packaging material made in Germany

The filling and padding papers used in the SpeedMan Box® paper dispenser already contribute to environmental protection during production. The reason: They are manufactured exclusively in Germany in accordance with ISO 50001 certification. This means that strict, defined quality criteria and high technical standards are adhered to. The use of combined heat and power generation and heat recovery as well as closed water cycles ensures the sustainable use of natural resources. Furthermore, due to production in Germany, transport distances are naturally shorter - thus creating a regional product with an exemplary ecological balance!

Your advantages at a glance

The SpeedMan Box® is not only space-saving and can be used at any imaginable location, it is also completely mobile - even if the box has already been opened and used. It has a filling volume of 1.5 m³, which is about as large as three bags of standard filling chips. This volume is sufficient for up to 1 000 packages. Not to be neglected here is the opportunity to communicate your focus on sustainable packaging material in an effective advertising manner. After all, the filling paper is completely recycled paper - awarded the Blue Angel label for particularly environmentally friendly products. If you pass this information on to your customers, this will on the one hand make clear your environmentally conscious actions as a company and on the other hand create trust with your customers. You will find the most important advantages clearly summarized in the following overview:

sustainable packaging material
only 30 x 40 cm footprint
mobile applicable
no cutting or unrolling device necessary
Paper awarded with the Blue Angel
extremely productive (enough for up to 1 000 packages)

Eco-friendly products at Supra-Ratiopac: contact us now!

With the SpeedMan Box® Paper Dispensing Box you have a packaging solution at hand that is not only absolutely practical and economical, but also particularly environmentally friendly. It's one of the many environmentally friendly products we offer at Supra-Ratiopac. With these we would like to position ourselves as a responsible manufacturer and distributor of adhesive tape, stretch film, strapping and many other products from the world of packaging and shipping. With these products we pay attention - as with all others from our company - to consistently high quality and fair prices. Please contact our experienced staff and discuss your specific needs with us. We will find exactly the goods package that is ideally suited for your purposes. We can also put together a test package for you, allowing you to try out a product that is interesting for your company. Rely on Supra-Ratiopac Verpackungen GmbH for the highest quality in all aspects of packaging and contact us now! Simply write an e-mail or give us a call - we look forward to hearing from you.